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    10 | Jack Grealish - 2023/24

    My thoughts are that he, as he always does work hard. But it’s easy for that to mask how poor his contribution offensively was & let’s face it - that’s what he’s there for. Once Carvajal was on a yellow he should have been testing him & it wasn’t there. Hard work is fine in day to day Prem...
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    Atmosphere - 2023/24

    I was in the Family Stand. What surprised me was the amount of groups in there. I stood waiting for someone after so I was there longer than I normally would be & couldn’t believe the amount of teachers or whoever were waiting for groups of 20-30 teenagers. At least 5/6 just in that part! That...
  3. J

    Palace away

    I’m looking for 18-21 please if possible for my son. Already travelling down there. Thank you
  4. J

    Match Thread | Man City vs. Man United (03/03/24)

    The crowd are so quiet! Nothing like a Derby atmosphere this!
  5. J

    Spurs (H) | PL | Post Match Thread

    We plain and simply were not good enough. Our inability to finish off games for the best part of the season was inevitably going to bite our backsides. Ample opportunities for this to be over by half time. World class teams and players finish off the opposition
  6. J

    Ref Watch City Games - 2023/24

    I’m not sure he’s bent he’s just effin incompetent
  7. J

    Medical incident in South Stand T3 today

    I was in row FF, about 6 rows in front of the incident. I have to say the difficulty they had getting up to her with equipment & more worryingly, getting her down the stairs safely was concerning. Didn’t look too closely but it seemed to be a young woman. Coming down the stairs the paramedic...
  8. J

    Scotland v England - Tue 12th Sept, 19:45 | Friendly

    I can’t stand them & hate Robertson with a passion but there has been no comment whatsoever from the idiots commentating about the booing! Just how spine-tingling Flower of Scotland was! If that was England booing an opponents anthem they’d still be talking about it! I’ve had enough already!
  9. J

    Match Thread | Sheffield Utd vs Man City (27/08/23)

    Sorry but I wish Andy Hinchcliffe would fuck off he’s doing my head in
  10. J

    Benjamin Mendy leaves City | Launches “multi-million-pound” claim against club over unpaid wages (p118)

    I have always grown up feeling I should believe in our justice system as it is part of the foundations of our country. Despite errors I still feel that way. The system has found him Not Guilty. Some of the comments here & elsewhere on social media are disgraceful, with far reaching...
  11. J

    Passport stolen in Istanbul

    My son went with City to Germany 2015 aged 16/17 on his own. Flew from Mcr to Copenhagen & on to Germany. As match kicks off I get a call from Newcastle (?) airport -they had his passport?? He’d left it on the Copenhagen plane that had then flew to Newcastle - cleaner found it ffs. We managed to...
  12. J

    City leave Istanbul / Team Flying Back

    We discussed the bus the day they arrived & decided probably just hired a bus & kitted it out over there?
  13. J

    Inter Milan (N) | Champions League Final | Post Match Thread

    I’m forced into silence! My sons not knowing it was CL final night when they booked the tickets 12months ago were at the Etihad tonight watching The Weekend! They’ve been led out of the stadium with AirPods on highest level & eyes closed to the car by their partners. Driven home under a blanket...
  14. J

    Have the nerves kicked in yet?

    I am nervous now I know Kyle is not playing
  15. J

    Champions League Final | Flights - Who's on which plane?

    What will we all have a drama with next year when it’s just the choice of M1 or M40? :) Safe journey & hope you all have an amazing trip - all this will hopefully be forgotten! Bring it home!
  16. J

    Alex Ferguson, can you hear me?

    Andy Tate works in Asda Eastlands - saw him there Thursday! Don’t forget Justin Moorhouse!
  17. J

    Champions League Final | Ticket Criteria | SOLD OUT

    That’s an interest viewpoint. Could I just raise this with you? I’m a single parent with 3 lads, all City fans. We don’t have ST as I can’t afford them. We buy PL when we can & have friends we buy from if they aren’t using their tickets. However, since we first went into the Europa League we do...
  18. J

    Harry Styles tonight Edinburgh

    Oh I know not my cup of tea either or I’d be there! But a lot of people like him & tickets are difficult to get apparently so could make someone’s day! Thank you
  19. J

    Harry Styles tonight Edinburgh

    Long shot I know but someone might be grateful. My son hasn’t travelled last minute up to see Harry Styles live tonight in Edinburgh due to illness. If anyone is interested in just one seat at Murrayfield please PM - thanks
  20. J

    Pitch invasions

    Let’s hope so! Absolute idiots - been the rule all season - if u invade the pitch u get a ban!

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