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  1. J

    FA Cup Final Tickets

    Have PM’d you pal. This works for me as I didn’t want a £225 but paid it just to get one, happy to swap. Check messages and reply when you can. Edit - mines in block 237 aswell
  2. J

    City v Wolves - general question about getting tickets

    After one in south level 3 please. Pm me if selling. Thanks
  3. J

    Madrid H

    Trying my luck. Need 2 together please. Don’t care where they are sat. Pm me.
  4. J

    Luton Home Fixture - 13th April

    couple of singles available for this game. Block 216 - £35 Block 116 - £40
  5. J

    Something special on the way?

    Is it really just the picture? or is there more to follow? hahaha. Twitter admin shafting us
  6. J

    Aston Villa (H) 03 April 2024

    2 spares for this game. Block 216 £45 Block 317 £40
  7. J

    Aston Villa (H) 03 April 2024

    Itll be a u18 ticket mate. Chances are you’ll get stopped and asked to go to ticket office to pay to upgrade to an adult. However as it’ll be in a different fans name and not 100% sure if they’ll do it for you.
  8. J

    Copenhagen home Mar 6th ko 20:00

    Adult ticket in 115. £20. Pm me
  9. J

    Bournemouth Away

    After 1 or 2 (ideally 2) for tomorrow. Can meet at ground, please pm me.
  10. J

    Chelsea (H)

    Still available. ****SOLD****
  11. J

    Chelsea (H)

    Got 2 for sale. U18 in block 303. £45 or can upgrade to adult for £60 Adult in 317 £60 Pm me if interested
  12. J

    Everton (H)

    @s1ty m Just seen you were after some pal
  13. J

    Brentford home

    5 sat together in 315. Happy to split. £37 each
  14. J

    Everton (H)

    Sorry sold now, but my mate has one available in 316 for £30 if that’s any use?
  15. J

    Everton (H)

    1 for sale Block 116. £40
  16. J

    Everton (H)

    One available in block 116. Row C. £45 pm me
  17. J

    Burnley (H)

    Yes mate. Just messaged you
  18. J

    Burnley (H)

    2 separate for sale. Block 314 £25 Block 315 £25 Pm me
  19. J

    Burnley (H)

    2 singles for sale. south stand level 3. £30 each. pm me
  20. J

    Grassroots Football Coaches - Advice Please

    I'm not actually sure how the academies work, but we've definitely seen kids that have been picked up by clubs from ages 5-8. It might not 'academies' as such but they're definitely involved with clubs. But.... my point still stands, playing players with no experience against players that are...

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