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    2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

    Our captain ladies and gentlemen
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    2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

    Should not start a game for us next season good riddance
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    2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

    Maybe we got lucky and the squad always picked the right captain except this season the squad picked a womanising Covid lockdown regulation breaking cock flashing home wrecker who in the past 2 days said he would rather win the euros than the treble and that he is happy for his mates who play...
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    2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

    The manager should be picking the captain not the team and it should be settled for years not changing every season
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    2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

    Never a captain in a million years
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    9 | Erling Haaland - 2023/24

    Bullied by midgets. Embarrassing
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    Trophy Parade | Sunday 26th May, 19:30

    Happy clapper back in family stand you go
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    Trophy Parade | Sunday 26th May, 19:30

    People are allowed their opinions mate who made you gatekeeper of city fans . Twat
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    A sense of perspective

    Please give over with the we were shit in the 80s 90s and early 00s so we should be thankful to just be here it’s very boring mate
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    A sense of perspective

    Tell perspective to all the blues leaving Wembley right now. We treated this final and our opposition with zero respect and that’s why we lost and it’s also on the manager why oh why changing a winning centre half partnership for a final and why oh why sub off the only consistent defender and...
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    Prime Aguero or present Haaland

    Arguably ? If he stays until he’s 28 he beats it
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    Spurs (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    By the time we wake up it’ll only be 4 days thankfully
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    Gary Neville

    Funniest was when Richarlison shoulder barged Gabriel in the NLD he started screaming ( before seeing a replay ) he’s got to go he’s nutted him he’s got to go. Very professional
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    Jamie Carragher

    He’s talking about the gvardiol penalty decision again on MNF I don’t know if I’m just wearing blue tinted specs but I think it’s one of the most blatant penalties we’ve had all season as soon as it happened I thought it was a penalty. Why have the powers to be at sky not toned him down a bit on...
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Chelsea FA Cup (20/04/24)

    To be fair Chelsea never even got a corner when the ball clearly hit grealish hand and went out
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    20 | Bernardo Silva - 2023/24

    Spent the last 7 years flirting with foreign teams then knocks us out very on brand of him
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    Match Thread | Man City vs. Real Madrid (17/04/24)

    They absolutely are not ? What game you watching
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    Match Thread | Real Madrid vs Man City (09/04/24)

    It was a cross and he hardly passed it back to him you fucking clown
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    Vinicius Jr

    1. No 2. You do know we are away don’t you ? Atmosphere is going to be daunting enough without us supporting the opposition too loool
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    Match Thread | Crystal Palace vs Man City (06/04/24)

    Always chasing his first touch too

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