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    16 | Rodri - 2023/24

    He's the best in the world
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    2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

    I hope he leaves this summer. Every time he opens his mouth in front of the mic, a part of me wants to unalive myself.
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    9 | Erling Haaland - 2023/24

    After watching the Kane train wreck in the euros, I'm so glad we have Haaland.
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    Pep Guardiola - 2023/24

    Stay forever!
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    United (N) - Sat 25th May | 2024 FA Cup Final | Pre-Match Thread

    Hey guys, recently I lived my biggest dream after watching City play live against West Ham. Paid a premium but so worth it! I'll be in London for the FA cup too before heading back to the states. Trying to get a ticket but we'll see and don't want to get my hopes up. If I can't get tickets...
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    FA Cup Final Tickets

    I lived my dream of seeing City play live against West Ham so I may sound greedy/selfish but if anyone has a spare to sell, please let me know!
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    West Ham United (H) | PL | Post Match Thread | Champions of England

    I will be honest. I was so overwhelmed with the crowd and my data not working that I couldn't really figure anything out so I didn't get a chance to go to Mary D's. Everyone was really supportive and friendly. Hugged so many strangers. Memories of a lifetime. Got the ticket on StubHub so I...
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    West Ham United (H) | PL | Post Match Thread | Champions of England

    Probably the best day of my life. Wife and I are in UK for holidays from US (finally got some time off). I couldn't get tickets to the West Ham game initially. Literally a day before I got a ticket in sec 219. Landed around 11 on Sunday then got ready to go to the game. What an excellent game...
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    West Ham United (H) - Sun 19th May, 16:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Had a quick question. I'm from the US but traveling to the UK this week for holidays. I'll be in Manchester for the West Ham game. Obviously the goal is to see if I can grab a ticket to see the game in person but if not, what are the best places to catch the game? I want to be around other...
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    West Ham (H) Sun 19th May 16:00

    Looking for 2 adult tickets. 1 adult would be fine as well. Thanks!
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    Rodri Understudy

    He needs seasoning but Archie Gray. I'd give them back KP straight up for him. So much talent. I think Bayern and other clubs are interested.
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    Fulham (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Thought Kova and Ruben were the best players on the pitch. Really happy with the result and effort overall. Josko is a unicorn.
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    3 | Ruben Dias - 2023/24

    Glad to have Ruben back in the starting 11.
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    8 | Mateo Kovacic - 2023/24

    Thought he was the best player on the pitch today!
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    Michael Olise | Bayern Munich Player

    Beautiful footballer. I don't think he's at our level but who knows. A part of me wants him, Eze and Wharton to stay and see what Glasner can do with that team.
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    8 | Mateo Kovacic - 2023/24

    Dribbling and ball carrying is immense.
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    24 | Joško Gvardiol - 2023/24

    Different gravy.
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    17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2023/24

    So wasteful. He seemed mentally so slow with his decision making.
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    9 | Erling Haaland - 2023/24

    He's an absolute sensation

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