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    Who is your player of the season?

    Rodri, without a doubt.
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    Luton (A) - 10 Dec 2023

    Supporters Club running a coach you don't need to be a member
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    Luton Away

    No only 1 for this game
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    Ballon d'Or 2023 | Haaland finishes 2nd

    Absolutely agree, BBC are a shambles. It is supposed to report British success. Wish we could cancel our TV license.
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    Next Captain

    Dias, strong leader
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    Champions League Final | In Disneyland Florida

    In the USA the game is on 'CBS' 3pm OK EST
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    FA Cup SF Draw | Sheffield United | Sat 22 Apr 16:45

    The ticket will have been sent to the juniors email address. We had 2 pull throughs and the tickets went to the email addresses on their City accounts. Even for a 10 year old who never uses emails. Her Mum sent it up fortunately she remembered the password.

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