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    US Politics Thread | Biden withdraws from Presidential election race

    A Newsom/Widmer ticket in 2028 I reckon. Wonder who will run alongside Harris this time though.
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    Forgotten words from Yesteryear

    Odds bodkins.
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    Hurling on Sky

    I know. At least I can claim to have witnessed a good few of those wins too. Poor Mayo. The Harry Kane's of the GAA.
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    Hurling on Sky

    Great match but the wrong fucking result today. :(
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    It's Quiet 18 - Wanna ring the bell?

    Well I for one always value your input. And @tolmie's hairdoo also. Always appreciated, whether it's good news or bad.
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    Cavan Sullivan

    And Claudio Reyna - Captain America! ;)
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    Valentin Gomez

    Interesting. Thanks for the info. I have always like Argentinian defenders, going back to the guy that you named yourself after...;) Great defender and captain he was.
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    Joshua Kimmich

    Never heard of him. Does he track back? ;)
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    It's Quiet 18 - Wanna ring the bell?

    He probably won't answer. He's busy watching Schindler's List...;)
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    Copa America 2024 thread - Premier Sports UK

    Colombia the better team but it's a bit of a snorefest. Extra time now. Alvarez still on the field. Messi off injured btw. Looked like a hammy. Best part of it though are all the pretty South American girls in the stands. And the Spanish commentary is pretty good too...;)
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    Will the real Tolmie please stand up ?

    Tolmie: the man, the myth, the legend. Welcome Scott.
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    Club World Cup 2025 - Who’s going?

    It would be incredible if City played a game or two at Gillette Stadium (Boston area) as I live about a 15 minute walk from there. I know that several World Cup matches will be held there in 2026 so it's possible. Please God, make it so... City fans are welcome to stop by my place of course...;)
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    Club World Cup 2025 - Who’s going?

    So good they named it twice. Just like Eric Djemba-Djemba...
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    General transfer rumours

    He never wanted to go to Chelsea in the first place in fairness.
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    Netherlands v England - Wed 10th July, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Semi-Final

    I have to say that Mainoo is a good little player. Better than Rice anyway. At least he is positive.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    I just threw up a little in the back of my throat. Lucky I'm not hungover today...;)
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    Euro 2024

    Steady on now...;)
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    Romania v Netherlands - Tues 2nd July, 17:00 | Euro 2024 Round of 16

    The best pure striker that I have ever seen live. He was incredible.
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    Portugal v Slovenia - Mon 1st July, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Round of 16

    You should tune into the Copa America mate. Some delicious Brazilians, Colombianas etc. in the stands here.

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