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    Brexit: New entry criteria agreed for EU players coming to England

    Not sure off the top of my head, but I would imagine quite a lot of the players from the Republic of Ireland would have been under 18 when they moved to English (or Scottish) clubs. My reading of this is that it won't affect players from the four FIFA nations that make up the United Kingdom...
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    I agree with Mike Ashley

    I have never paid for anything "PPV" on TV (and yes, I am aware that a subscription monthly to sky, BT or amazon could be described as such) but while fans cannot get into the ground, a fiver to watch your team, knowing that half of that will be used to help the lower leagues would be better...
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    I agree with Mike Ashley

    I don't think I have ever said these words before, but his suggestion to cut PPV to £4.95 with half to the PL and half to the pyramid is actually a good idea. Now I feel dirty.
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    United and Liverpool EFL project - proposal rejected

    I would love to ask him why there are no statues outside the swamp of the two most important names in their clubs history, James William Gibson and J Henry Davies
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    United and Liverpool EFL project - proposal rejected

    The voting rights is only part of the problems. The cutting of the numbers in the league, cancelling the Charity Shield and the League Cup to have a tournament abroad show where this is going, and the broadcasting rights for 8 games a season is the most dangerous. It doesn't propose an...
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    ******Cricket Thread******

    Makings of a good young squad coming through again, with a couple more in the sidelines. It will be interesting to see how they develop, but need more games, though this year has been a wipe out locally, and I'm looking forward to a restraint of trade case being taken on behalf of young players...
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    Breakaway European Super League

    Just been having a lurch on sad cafe and one of them wants a petition of fans of the "historic clubs" to form a breakaway league. Not sure how much support he will get from Huddersfield, Sheffield United, Bolton, Bradford Park Avenue etc to be honest.
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    Premier League Games 11/12/13 July

    Not sure if serious, but if so, absolutely brilliant
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    Breakaway European Super League

    And a certain Bavarian club have long been jealous of the money in the English premier league. Owners of clubs will see the potential of more money, but not the possible ramifications
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    Breakaway European Super League

    With the CAS announcement due tomorrow (13th July), there is again talk that if we are totally exonerated, the G14 will leave UEFA to form a breakaway league. Currently FIFA are the sole "guardians" of Association Football, with subsidiaries like UEFA, CONCACAF, African Confederation etc...
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    Wearing the shirt !

    I'm 51 and sitting here with my coffee wearing the Le Coq Sportif silver shirt and if I have to go to the shop I'm certainly not going to get changed. I have about 20 shirts going back 25+ years and when off unless I'm going somewhere I am normally in a football top or a cricket club training...
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    Phil longer just potential

    Just needs to find the right tattooist lol
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    Phil longer just potential

    Where do you see Phil playing most in future? He could play in a "false 9" position, Central attacking midfielder Wide right Wide left Box to box or even as a deep lying playmaker
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    Going to Lisbon on saturday

    Just sit outside the Picnic bar in Rossio Square and you will be offered all the "sunglasses" you can want. The castle on the hill is worth a visit for the looks over the city, a boat trip up the river was enjoyable and I done the two stadium tours on one of my visits there. The Metro out to...
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    What have you done you are ashamed of

    I bought a copy of bulldog once
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    Bundesliga 2019/20

    Come on Dortmund
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    Having a hangover can make work the next day difficult....

    The government told most of us a month ago to become Scouse and sit at home everyday and they would send us money.
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    How are you handling the boredom?

    What's this boredom people are talking about? I have the outside of the back gate painted, watched a load of wildlife documentaries, a good number of Vblogs of a few people's travels in motorhomes especially one couple currently locked down in Istanbul, the back garden is starting to look...
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    Cheltenham 2020

    Just went to watch the Bundesliga 2 game and now see the Germans are off as well.....
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