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    Premier League (midweek games) 15/16/17 December

    Agree, but would have been nice to see a few new faces on, preferably blues !!
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    Premier League (midweek games) 15/16/17 December

    AMAZON website says its Hargreaves, Mcpointy & Shearer joining Gaby Logan, commentators drury & Townsend
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    Fixtures 2020/21

    wolves away
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    Chelsea (a) pre-match thread 25/06/2020 8.15pm ko

    Will be interesting to see what team Chelsea select given they are away to Leicester on Sunday in the FA Cup, assume Champions League qualification will be their priority so maybe their strongest team against us ?
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    Burnley (h) post-match thread

    He was flexing/holding his knee earlier before the tackle for the pen....... it was when he had a shot from the edge of the area from a pull back from the byline
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    wouldnt be at all surprised to see the army out and about soon ( early next week) cheers fella ,
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    which one ? living in St Helens i would be interested to know which one is open , utter knobs
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    Serie A 19/20

    now 2-2 !
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    Derby County

    From what i have heard ( source was a witness at the scene) your alleged call re drink/cocaine are correct , two cars racing & accident occurred.... Keogh was apparently a right nob at the scene, its lucky nobody else was hurt , no sympathy with any of them particularly Keogh . Not sure if it...
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    MOTD 19/20

    I think it was for support to the Everton striker kean ?? in relation to the racial abuse he had in Italy..... Im sure Sly sports mentioned it before kick off yesterday
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    Spurs thread 2019/20

    is this anything to do with vertonghen and his alledged attraction to another players wife....hence the dressing room split
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    so your picking the drawn games that you might have one and not the ones you might have lost to come to that conclusion
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    I assume you mean our penalty miss at Klanfield
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    Match Thread | Bournemouth vs Man City (25/08/19)

    what about the ball hitting the bournemouth players hand in the box from that free kick ??? isnt that handball under the new rules
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    Bundesliga 2019/20

    your fiver looking good at the minute lol !!
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    Manchester United (A) - Pre Match Thread

    Richard Keys has tweeted linesman Scott Ledger is a dipper fan, if true could be interesting !
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    Liverpool thread 2018/19

    Magical European night attendances at Klanfield 30/09/1981 European Cup Oulu Palloseura Anfield 20,789 04/11/1981 European Cup AZ 67 Alkmaar Anfield 29,703 03/03/1982 European Cup CSKA Sofia Anfield 27,388 28/09/1982 European Cup Dundalk Anfield 12,021 02/11/1982 European Cup HJK Helsinki...
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