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  1. Z

    Final Tickets thread MERGED

    well maybe the bubble has burst never getting down to my points so now i pray to the gods and beg the blues if anyone is out there that can help me that be great thanks
  2. Z

    Final Tickets thread MERGED

    Re: Final Ticket MERGED i not getting down to my points so if anyone is gettign a group booking and fancyig let me tag there group be more than happy and ill get the first round in thanks blues
  3. Z

    Wembley tickets wanted or offered (MERGED)

    hi guys yes i know im new and yes im being cheeky i need one ticket two would be great but ill take one also if i get tickets travel be good or i could drive if anyone fancy sharing car ride im a seaosn ticket holder but didnt manage to get a ticket due to points so if any blues can help that be...
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