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    City’s New Kits

    Without the 0161, that could have been the best City kit of all time. Navy blue socks for the win.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Mate, this is a brilliant post. I came on to add the exact same sentiments you wrote in your last paragraph. You put it perfectly, so I'll just repeat it: "In terms of the Irish media, nationality means fuck all and I don't like the tone some on here take regarding that. They are parrots for...
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    City Victory Parade - 2022/23

    At least 10 million by my estimate
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    Istanbul CL Final chaos | City Matters statement (p 133)

    I really liked Istanbul, but the total shambles of a transport network and the medieval barter system economy for taxis, food and drink, sadly means I’ll probably never return. I don’t mind a bit of a barter for taxis on holidays, it’s sometimes part of the charm and getting to know the locals...
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    Istanbul CL Final chaos | City Matters statement (p 133)

    30 minutes? We queued for 2 hours for the only available food option. The fan park at the stadium was split 80/20 in terms of beer and food respectively. Absolutely no queues for beer all day, leading them to sell out at 6pm. 2 hour queues all day for food and soft drinks, absolutely ideal...
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    Are we gonna get a star on the shirt?

    No you don’t. It’s down to the individual club. Forest have won two and have two stars above their badge
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    Where Does This Treble Put Us?

    I think that Pep was just as good tbh
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    Where Does This Treble Put Us?

    We’ve got a really strong claim for best English side ever (actually think the Centurions are the best English side ever), but we’re not a patch on Pep’s Barcelona imo. They’re the best football team ever to play the game, with the best player ever to play the game, and arguably the best...
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    Istanbul CL Final chaos | City Matters statement (p 133)

    Then I’m guesssing it’s back to fucking Baku or somewhere siniliarly ridiculous that feathers UEFA’s nest and doesn’t give a fuck about the fans!
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    Istanbul CL Final chaos | City Matters statement (p 133)

    Istanbul is great, the stadium is great. But the transport infrastructure make it totally inadequate as a host city. It took us two hours to get there, two hours to queue for a burger, and two hours to get back. That’s 6 hours out of a 12 hour day absolutely unavoidably wasted on being able to...
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    The Greatest English Team Of All Time

    Leicester was a brilliant story, probably once in a lifetime occurrence. But they’re absolutely nowhere near the top 5 English sides ever imo. I love this treble winning team, and the fact it’s off the back of winning 3 titles on the bounce is just absolutely extraordinary, and I think gives...
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    The Greatest English Team Of All Time

    Felt so poignant singing that last night and it being factually, indisputably true for the first time ever.
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    Metrolink to / from Etihad

    Jesus Christ, that shit show in Istanbul actually makes our transport options to the ground look world class!
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    Micah Richards the pundit

    Do you know where I can watch this? Can’t stand that Ogden
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    Champions League Final | Depot Mayfield Screening by City

    Saying "No Events Found" when I click through, has anyone got any ideas? Cheers
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    ST holder - Istanbul

    This is a once in a lifetime kind of game, some fortunate Blue out there will no doubt want to experience it in the 2nd best category of seats that money can buy! ;-)
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    ST holder - Istanbul

    I have a Category 2 (£425), looking to swap for a Category 3 (£150) or Category 4 (£75) If anyone fancies upgrading themselves to the premium seats for the best possible match day experience, and getting rid of their sub-standard seats in the peanut galley, please drop me a DM :-)
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    New Home Kit - 2023/24

    Think you’re getting the 90s and 00s mixed up there mate
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    Pitch invasions

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    Pitch invasions

    City tradition, unique to us in the top flight. Love it.

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