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    How are you getting to the Cup Final?

    Is traffic moving yet on the M1 - we’ll be hitting it in another 20 minutes or so?
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    Seat Counters - 2023/24

    I’m in Nottingham and joined the Mansfield branch which looks closest. Not convenient for meetings so if there was a local branch me and my lad would join. That’d be 3 of us!!
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    Newcastle home FAC Sat 16th Mar

    One over-65 and one adult available Colin Bell L3, row T, bang on halfway line £60 for the pair Not sure how you upgrade the over-65 one if required - I’m assuming it can be done somehow Edit - Now sold
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Apologies if already posted, the 442 website has a decent write-up of the Talksport chat
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    Rishi Sunak

    ONS gives government debt as 40.7 % of GDP in 2007/8 and 52.2 and 69.0 in the next two years
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    Season Tickets - 2023/24

    Thanks. Tried that. It updates but still no QR code
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    Season Tickets - 2023/24

    On my ST pass on my iPhone , under Pass Details there’s no QR code displayed like last season, just a mini blue season ticket logo. I usually scan the QR code to enter so hopefully it updates to show a QR code. Anyone else have this?
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    Pilger film about the NHS.

    Here’s an article which shows a graph of real term increases and those increases after being adjusted for population and demographic changes - which doesn’t paint as rosy a picture of the funding...
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    Media thread 2022/23

    Think that link takes you to a different article than the ones asked for . Not sure what I did wrong!!!
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    Media thread 2022/23

    Here’s a non-paywall link to the Times article, not sure it’s already been posted or not
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    Champions League Final | Ticket Criteria | SOLD OUT

    There’s a one minute video you can watch in the FAQs on the UEFA ticketing app that shows how you can transfer tickets to other people. In the section “how do mobile tickets work”.
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    The Album Review Club - Week #130 - (page 1611) - Rattus Norvegicus - The Stranglers

    Saw him in 1976 at the Palace Theatre supporting Jackson Browne who was touring The Pretender. WZ was mainly playing songs from this album from what I remember. The recently departed David Lindley was playing with Jackson that night. Fantastic gig !!!
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    Do you support the RMT?

    I hope you’re right but seeing some of the clowns who keep getting re-elected I’m not getting my hopes up too much
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    RIP Gianluca Vialli

    Moving tribute from Souness who played with him, focussing on the man
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    The Conservative Party

    You only need half that number to swap across. Each one that does takes one off the govt number and adds one to the opposition vote
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    Liverpool (A) | PL | Post-Match Thread

    So how would that have worked if Taylor had overruled VAR and said the goal should stand. Would VAR then ask him to look at the challenge on Alison? Seems pretty unlikely
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    Match Thread | Leicester vs Man City (11/09/21)

    Also searching for a link if anyone has one!! TIA
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    Leicester (A) - Sat 11 Sep 15:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Same here, please!!!
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    Lionel Messi | Joins Inter Miami (pg4111)

    I’d read that Dembele had an op and is out for 4 months or so, seems like he won’t be that easy to offload just now

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