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    City and WWE

    Good news for City surely... the bigger City get, the more the PL needs them and will unlikely punish hard.
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    Bruno Guimaraes

    If City don't get him.. Arsenal will. Another Declan Rice. Pay up... £100M good deal.
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    Cole Palmer

    Cole Palmer doing this well is gonna earn City loads from future Academy sales now
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    Europa League/Conference League | Final (pg 24)

    2nd best team in Europe ... after City.
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    Newcastle or Spurs?

    Who is best placed to finish higher next season? I picked these two as Spurs is generally considered to be the smallest of the big 6, and Newcastle will be the one to form the 'big 7' over the next decade. Howe vs Postecoglou Isak vs Son Gordon vs Johnson Bruno vs Bissouma Tonali vs Sarr...
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    Bruno Guimaraes

    Top top player. Would give Rodri a lot of rest or complement him in Kovacic's role. Probably the best player City could sign this summer.
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    Cole Palmer

    Amazing player, but Foden and KDB are both better and occupy same space.
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    Are Leverkusen the best smaller budget team in the past 15 years?

    Decent sized club, but they've put together a fantastic team, playing fantastic football. Some notable recent entries.. Ajax (Huge club - small budget) - beat Juve, Real Monaco - Won Ligue 1, Semi final CL Leicester City - Won PL
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    Europa League/Conference League Games | Quarter-Finals | 11/18 April '24

    Paqueta probably fed up of playing for a team with only 20% of the ball. He's a Brazilian, this is sacrilege for him.
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    Europa League/Conference League Games | Quarter-Finals | 11/18 April '24

    Moyes ball really is terrorist football. SO F ING UGLY. Get a real 21st century manager, wasting talent there.
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    Real Madrid (A) | CL | Post Match Thread

    What a game! Only top Champions league teams are capable of scoring worldies goal after goal.
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    Real Madrid (A) - Tues 9th April, 20:00 | CL | Pre-Match Thread

    Madrid should win. They have had a lot longer to rest and prepare and are at home. City just need to stay within 1 goal in the first leg.
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    Is Rodri better than Yaya ?

    Rodri would have started for Prime Barca over Busquets, Yaya was ousted by him.
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    Is Rodri better than Yaya ?

    ofcourse he is
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    Who will be remembered as the greater player, Mo Salah or Neymar?

    Both roughly the same age (1992). One seemingly peaked early and is now in Saudi retirement already, the other started off slow and is still playing at his absolute top level. Both have won it all at club level. Who do you like more?
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    Championship Thread - 2023/24

    I think Leeds have the most potential of any Champ team should they go up... They should have beaten a full strength Chelsea at Stamford Bridge the other day. Gnonto just scored a screamer. They have.. Gray (18) Gnonto (20) Summerville (22) Rutter (21) Ampadu (23) Gruev (23) Struijk (24)...
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    Champions League - QF: Real Madrid, SF: Arsenal/Bayern, (H) for 2nd legs

    It's because they are on other side of the bracket to all 4
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    Champions League - QF: Real Madrid, SF: Arsenal/Bayern, (H) for 2nd legs

    The schedule before Real is so rough, not fair really. Extra 2 games than they have. Same for Arsenal vs Bayern. It really could be the difference.
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    Spurs Thread - 2023/24

    How good are they? Are they positioned to do a Leverkusen next year? They have some very young and talented players... Udogie (21) Sarr (21) van der Ven (22) Dragusin (22) Johnson (22) Kulusevski (23) Then they have absolute quality in Maddison (27) , Romero (25), Porro (24), Son (31), goal...

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