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    you too enjoy ..Apparently the people who let our house told us weather is always better than forecast :)
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    Harbwr bar Saundersfoot looks a decent place for a pint.Hoping to head over to St Davids/Solva for the day and Barafundle Bay looks a great beach if we get the weather
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    Heading to Saundersfoot nr Tenby tomorrow about 5 miles from Amroth .Booked a meal at Lan Y Mor.Just going for some chill out time walks /a few runs.Fingers crossed we get the weather.
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    Running thread

    Might have a look at Brighton.Have done manchester and Seville but would like to do one major in my life i.e London,Boston,Berlin
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    Running thread

    Still waiting for my email.If i get rejected it would be 9 in a row :)
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    Booked for October,UBUD very busy with traffic apparently but handy for Rice Fields,Mount Batur. What beach resort are you staying at ? We havent booked accomadation yet but looking at Seminyak or Sanur
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    TV Series

    Boy Swallows Universe on Netflix. Aussie drama,black comedy. 3 episodes in very good.Nice 80s soundtrack too.
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    Grassroots Football Coaches - Advice Please

    I coached from u6 to u17s in the Timperley League.Had a mixture of really talented lads and those who just wanted to hang out with their mates. At u7 there is still chance that with the right coaching these 2 new lads would become decent players and you also need to consider how they mix with...
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    Huddersfield home

    looking for 2 x tickets for this one if anyone can help please.
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    Huddersfield home

    Is this fixture a sell out ? Just logged in (only have membership) and no tickets available.
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    Urawa Red Diamonds (N) | CWC Semi-Final | Pre-Match Thread

    Went to school with Adie.Think Leon was his cousin and ended up playing in Scotland
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    Running thread

    PB at Wilmslow 10k too , 41.32 .Very fast course. Will take that as a 51 year old :)
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    Sheff Utd (H) - 30 Dec 2023

    Hi All Looking for 2 for Sheff U on 30/12 please I have a supporter number. Thanks
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    Running thread

    Yep im doing it,looking for sub 42.00.Its quite a quick course.
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    Running thread

    Keep your legs fresh for the race. I wouldnt do more than 9 or 10 miles the week before. On race day make your first mile the slowest,can be tempting to go too fast. If you use them maybe have a gel 5 miles into the race
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    City vs Leeds tickets

    Are there still tickets available for this ? Im a Cityzen member logged in and when i went to search for tickets it says Im blocked ? Will try in a different browser but just wondered if anyone had seen this message before.
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    FA Cup SF Draw | Sheffield United | Sat 22 Apr 16:45

    Quick question ,Is this likely to go to Citizens (available 3Pm Tuesday ) ?
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    Fixtures Calendar - 2022/23

    Could the game vs Leicester scheduled for Sunday 16/04 be moved ? Cheers
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    Running thread

    Trafford 10kM this morning,good conditions .despite 4 beers yesterday managed a PB 42:31
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    Running thread

    Think it was about 7:55/8mm pace

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