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    Forgotten words from Yesteryear

    Phat. Very turn of the millennium phrase.
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    City's pre-season tour in the US

    We could stop doing American tours altogether if the Yanks don't like the squads we're sending over there.
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    10 | Jack Grealish - 2023/24

    Or @Ric decrees that we aren't allowed a thread for him or Doku this year to save us all the bother.
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    Racism in Football

    Not just Enzo Fernandez. Lisandro Martinez (United), Alex Mac Allister (Liverpool), Giovanni Lo Celso (Spurs), and Guido Rodriguez (Betis) all on camera joining in. And that's just the ones on camera.
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    Gareth Southgate resigns as England manager

    Also wouldn't be the worst idea. Has won a European trophy in recent years, is well respected within the English game, and has a better club record than Southgate ever did. You don't need to be a world class manager to win international tournaments anymore. Gone are the days of super-managers...
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    Gareth Southgate resigns as England manager

    He's probably just waiting for the England job. Same reason Zidane has gone quiet since leaving Madrid, but he'll have to prize that job out of Deschamps' cold dead hands.
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    Gareth Southgate resigns as England manager

    Won the U21 Euros literally a year ago. Knows players like Gordon, Branthwaite, Palmer, Elliott, and others, who will be part of the main England set-up at the next few tournaments. Despite Southgate's limitations as a manager, I imagine he's fostered such a good atmosphere in the squad since...
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    Gareth Southgate resigns as England manager

    Would be happy with Graham Potter or Lee Carsley, for different reasons. Fair play to Southgate for doing the right thing. He knows he's taken the England team as far as he can. A couple of big missed opportunities to get a trophy - plus some fucking turgid football - have to be held against...
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    Alvarez leaving?

    For what it's worth I've really liked him while he's been here. Completely proved me wrong because I thought he was just going to be a CFG signing. He's a hard worker and a good utility forward. He's been here for some of the greatest moments of City's history and played a big part in loads of...
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    Alvarez leaving?

    Not feeling too sad about this. If we can get the right fee I'd rather we invested in an attacking midfielder, something like an Olmo type if not Olmo himself, and went back to a false nine system whenever Haaland isn't fit.
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    Cole Palmer

    We got offered £45m for a lad who'd started 13 professional games in about three seasons. We'd have been barmy to turn it down. Palmer needed to leave to shine, he wanted out anyway, and Chelsea gave us a fair deal. No point going over it again and again.
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    Jude Bellingham

    Same limitations as Gerrard. Tries to do it all himself. "Plays like a kid on the playground" is a nice way of saying he's a selfish **** who thinks he can dribble past six players and bang it in the top corner every time he gets the ball. Won't last long at Madrid, especially not when Mbappe...
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    Harry Kane

    Never been happier that we never signed him. He's a massive loser who never turns up when it really, really matters. Glad to see the back of him in an England shirt as well. An excellent league striker, no doubt about that, but when it comes down to proper crunchtime he's either unfit or simply...
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    2 | Kyle Walker - 2023/24

    Worried about him going into next season. Was very poor through the whole tournament.
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    Spain v England - Sun 14th July, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Final

    Time for Pickford, Walker, Rice, and Kane to be moved on. Time for the likes of Ramsdale, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Wharton, Palmer, Foden, and Watkins to be considered senior players. Bellingham should be played as a false nine or a deep-lying midfielder and nothing else. But, crucially, it's...
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    The best "long" songs

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    Spain v England - Sun 14th July, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Final

    Don't rate Southgate as a tactician, and think England would be in the exact same place but more comfortably - and with a better chance against Spain - with a different man in charge, but he's definitely got (the majority of) these lads working as a team. They developed a bit of a siege...
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    Netherlands v England - Wed 10th July, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Semi-Final

    Notice how much better England are now that Bellingham has been fucked out to the left so he can't slow every attack down.
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    Actors spotted in smaller/uncredited roles

    James McAvoy in Early Doors.

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