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    Prostate cancer

    Never a truer word pal.
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    Arsenal Thread - 2023/24

    When this kid burst onto the scene a few seasons ago I thought you had a major talent on your hands. Just hasn't kicked on.
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    Prostate cancer

    Good luck mucker.
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    Forgotten words from Yesteryear

    Yeahh, unfortunately so :(
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    Blackpool accommodation tips pls

    Blackpools been on the decline for years but now it's like something from a apocalypse film. I'd go down to Lytham/St Anne's and get away from the shite that lurks in them streets off the not so golden mile. Its only 5 minutes on the tram but a different world.
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    Forgotten words from Yesteryear

    Bobbins Bagsy First dibs Top one Buzzin Sorted Megoh Bangin
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    Forgotten words from Yesteryear

    Typical Citeh.
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    The "which famous person died today" thread

    Aww only just seen Ray Reardons died. Always played with a smile. Before the game became robotic and 100 breaks ten a penny, he played in the Joe Davis, Spencer, Charlton, Rex Williams era when it was played by gentlemen at a gentle pace. Then Alex Hurricane Higgins rocked up and it was never...
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    Man bags

    What the fucks wrong with a dilapidated JD sports bag draped over your shoulder. It was council estate chic when I was a kid. Fuck man bags!
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    Another presenter arrested for alleged child rape

    I still haven't got the foggiest about who the original OP is going on about. I know a few on here have hinted at the ALLEGED person, but I'm totally in the dark on this one.
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    The Album Review Club - Week #130 - (page 1611) - Rattus Norvegicus - The Stranglers

    I always remember Floyd playing Waltzinblack on it when I was a kid and had no idea it was the Stranglers. Rattus Norvegicus is a fine album,gets a solid 8/10. Stranglers are so underrated in my book. Edit: Fuck it! It's getting 8.5, listened to it last night after messaged..much better than...
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    Brits shot dead in Sweden

    I'm genuinely shocked reading this thread. I thought Sweden was a very safe and peaceful wrong was I. I blame Abba, singing about wars and being so fucking annoying that it makes people murder one n other.
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    Prostate cancer

    Cheers Rob. I wasn't unduly worried before hand, it was more a piece of mind excercise due to having a few polyps 8 years ago. The specialist told me to get checked out again in 5 years. So 5 or 6 years later I was due to have it done at Leighton hospital when 3 or 4 days before, some guy phoned...
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    Prostate cancer

    Never a truer word ob :)
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    Seat Counters - 2024/25

    What we selling to at the moment? Is it general sale ?
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    Prostate cancer

    However rank it was, it surely couldn't of been worse than the punch flavour..could it!? :-/ The thing I had 8 years ago was movoplan or something similar sounding, whilst being rank, was nowhere near as bad.
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    Prostate cancer

    Yeah, uncomfortable for a day or so but worth it in the end. Cheers mate, and good luck yourself.
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    Prostate cancer

    I couldn't find this thread yesterday for some reason. Anyway, had the dreaded colonoscopy on Monday at Macclesfield hospital and what a well run,clean and tidy hospital it is(or at least it was in my case) Started at 7pm on Sunday drinking the plenvu solution.. OMFG! The worst fucking thing...
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    Lucy Meacock

    Yes, she was lovely tbh. I even let her off supporting the murderers.
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    Jay Slater | Body confirmed as Jay (P159)

    I want to know what's going to happen with those thousands in the just giving fund ? Hopefully it'll all go to the search n rescue authority in Tenerife.

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