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    Gareth Southgate resigns as England manager

    The Tim Henman of football managers
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    Harry Kane

    Couldn't have put it better myself
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    Spain v England - Sun 14th July, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Final

    Oh God. Leave it out. It's all water under the bridge now, we lost, end of. It's no use re-analysing everything in the finest detail. Roll on August and the resumption of proper, exciting football. Until those bloody international breaks start off again, that is.
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    Gareth Southgate resigns as England manager

    Now wait for all the gushing, tearful and sycophantic tributes from the mass media.
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    Worst away days

    My worst was the League Cup Final of 1974. It was bad enogh losing with their rookie Keeper having a blinder, but on the way home all fans from City and Wolves travelling northwards jammed the motorway and I ground to a halt in the middle lane. In my rear view mirror I could see a car coming...
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    Jude Bellingham

    I don't understand. People on here have described him last night as awful, invisible and ineffectual. My paper gives him an 8, and says he ran the midfield, and was inspirational. Who do I believe?
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    Joke thread

    I ordered roast parrot at my local diner last night. It was delicious, but it does keep repeating
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    Favourite players from each decade

    All you Johnny-come-latelys seem to have forgotten the 40s and 50s. I give you: 40s George Smith 50s Bert Trautmann I can't remember anything since then.
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    Cricket Thread

    Anyway, back to proper cricket. Another ton for Jennings today at Southport.
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    Rooney appointed Plymouth's manager

    Right. It's quite painful listening to him giving his "analysis" of these games. I'm not just sneering at his accent or anything, but he clearly isn't very good at conveying his thoughts. If he has any, that is.
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    Old Maine Road photos thread

    I was just going to write that Gary James's "Farewell to Maine Road" is a fabulous book, with innumerable photos of the old ground. The ultimate record of what was once a great stadium.
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    Footballers with their socks pulled up over their knees. Don't they realise how stupid they look?
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    Coronation Street

    Is the Imperial War Museum in China?
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    What are you drinking right now ??

    Coffe, actually. It's only five to ten in the morning. What do you think I am? Sme sort of piss artist?
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    Joke thread

    My wife's gone to Indonesia Jakarta? No, she went by plane My wife's going to Provence to see the old papal palace. Avignon? No, she's deadly serious I know this youmg woman from a university in North Wales. Bangor? No, we're just good friends,,,,
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    Stupid little things that bug you

    Quite right. I read reviews on Trip Adviser about pubs or hotels and find that "the chips wwere amazing" or "the staff were amazing", or even "the bread was amazing". I have never been amazed by a chip or some bread in my life. For some reason, it is used o mean "very good", which is a total...
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    Denmark v England - Thu 20th June, 17:00 | Euro 2024 Group C

    Well, here's my prediction as to how it will pan out (for what it's worth): England will scrape past Slovenia, and will qualify for the knock-out rounds. England will win the tournament, largely thanks to some other fancied teams being surprisingly knocked out - and of course a couple of Kane...

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