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    I reckon they might right. Turns out almost everyone who dies in a car crash was wearing a seat belt, so I won’t be putting one of those on again……..
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    US Politics Thread | Biden withdraws from Presidential election race

    There’s an old bloke running for president, who’s incoherent, brash and a convicted felon. Surely he’ll be replaced by someone much younger? Christ he can’t remember names or places but could have his finger on the nuclear button, as the republicans have been saying for weeks….
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    It's Quiet 18 - Wanna ring the bell?

    Or, maybe he could not have a bit on the side. Deserves to lose every penny she takes off him. Not only that but, if he does it again (or his wife just gets sick of the idiot) and she decides to get rid, he’ll get absolutely rinsed, and rightly so.
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    Spain v England - Sun 14th July, 20:00 | Euro 2024 Final

    3 hours ahead, eh? Tell me what the score was so I can put a cheeky bet on!
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    Holly Willoughby - stalker gets life (minimun 15 years) P31

    If we persist with having wars on nouns, as opposed to wars on proper nouns, I fear we’re locked into this doom loop forever. The very framing of a war, be it on drugs, on crime, on terror, or any of the myriad of ‘wars on’, far from being the ‘solution’ are, indeed, often the problem. In my...
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    Match day Hospitality prices - Wow

    It’ll need to be a rollover…..
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    City launch legal action against the Premier League

    Just means ‘nobody at Arsenal know yet’……
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    Cricket Thread

    Love cricket, especially test cricket and love Jimmy but this ‘retirement test’ thing is an absolute joke, especially as he doesn’t want to finish yet. If they don’t want to pick him anymore, think he should retire from test cricket and want to go in a different direction, especially with the...
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    Where's Alvarez?

    Just outside Rosario in Argentina on my map…
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    Testing times are not based on ‘time’ but on clinical phases. What the various governments guaranteeing funding did was to enable the vaccines to go through the phases much, much quicker than normal. Once they were declared safe, they could push on through the phases very quickly as their normal...
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    Reform UK Party Limited Company

    The good news is that, for the first time ever, parties of the centre-left and more left have won over 500 seats. Not only that but they got 56% of the share of the vote as opposed to 38% for the Tories and Reform.
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    General Election - 4th July 2024

    And that’s exactly the sort of behaviour that Farage will not only latch on to but amplify to his own ends, the absolute bell sniffs.
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    Reform UK Party Limited Company

    Clayton? Christ I hope he doesn’t turn up to any City games…..
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    Question Time

    Was that a bootleg or special edition compilation that came between Now 23 and Now 24?
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    Spain v Germany - Fri 5th July, 17:00 | Euro 2024 Quarter-Final

    Kante. Hope we resign him and therefore bring him home…..
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    The Labour Government

    To be fair, not sure what else they expected from his October speech in the HOC.
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    The Labour Government

    I’ll be interested to see how soon the ‘independents’ who’ve been elected standing on a Gaza platform bring the horror going on in the Middle East to an end….
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    Reform UK Party Limited Company

    Don’t think so. UKIP 2015: 3.8m votes - 12.6% Reform 2024: 4m votes - 14.3% And that’s with a complete Tory collapse. Doesn’t look much like progress and they’re really not a ‘new’ party. Also UKIP 2015 - second in 120 constituencies Reform 2024 - second in 98 constituencies Actually...
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    General Election - 4th July 2024

    Not so sure it would. Might have decimated the Liberals though.

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