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    United Thread - 2023/24

    They’re all fucking wonderkids.
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    Almost 25 years

    15 months I’d say…people are getting more and more impatient, they want everything now.
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    US Politics Thread | Biden withdraws from Presidential election race

    You’re right. Plus I think the money raised already would only be accessible to Harris. They really should done this months ago. A bit of a fuck up and could cost them dearly.
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    We just returned from 6 days in Lagos…perfect climate for me 25/26C every day and beautiful breeze. You could actually walk around. A family member was on a Greek Island last week in 37C…just too hot - very hard to move from the shade at that sort of temp. I’d forgotten how good the Algarve was !
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    That’s awful. They did a last minute cancellation on me ahead of a special anniversary trip but nothing as bad as happened. TUI are fine when things go well but when things go wrong…..shite.
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    I did Rhodes in August a few years ago…like a fucking oven. Fingers crossed for you pal.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Fucking wankers….
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    Man bags

    Happily sported a man bag for twenty years plus. Very handy on holidays. Always wear it on one shoulder NEVER across the chest (otherwise you look a ****). Has to be a used-looking rugged combination of khaki or light brown canvas with brown leather and brass fittings. Never shiny (any colour)...
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    Donald Trump

    I found a few vids which I took a couple of screen grabs. The first image was what I recalled seeing and based my comment on. But the light isn’t great - I found a YouTube item posted by the Guardian which is much sharper and shows a piece missing at 50mins on a clock face. (Sorry folks…the...
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    Trouble in Leeds tonight

    Whenever these things kick off, the scallies move in from all quarters. The clip I saw showed a real mixed bunch.
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    Trouble in Leeds tonight

    No riots and 26c down here mate
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    Donald Trump

    I did see some footage that showed about 1” - 1.5” along the top of his ear was missing down to a depth of 0.5”. If I can find it…I”ll post it.
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    Donald Trump

    I’m guessing dead.
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    Brits shot dead in Sweden

    I’ve heard exactly the same. Practically all these crimes are the work of people from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc who were given asylum - or the children of those granted asylum from the Balkans conflicts of the early 90’s. Before then, Sweden had never really experienced large scale...
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    Last Film You Saw

    Watched Men who stare at Goats last night. Not good but stayed to the end. Waste of a good cast 5/10
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    City most valued Premier League Football Brand Again

    There was pretty much an allusion to value in the original DVB valuations too :)
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    City most valued Premier League Football Brand Again

    It’s like Donny van Beek being an £80m player bought by the rags for £40m and sold for 500,000 Euro.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Same here. Not helped by folks posting the Dylan Thomas poem about impending death. I had to remind myself Tolmie’s clip was the Independence Day speech actually about resistance (and ultimate victory). But wtf do I know !
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    Gareth Southgate resigns as England manager

    Yep. Although Southgate was clearly a limited manager, his track record in getting England through to tournament finals and semis can’t be disputed - even if we sometimes got lucky with draws. The next manager will be under huge pressure to go one better than Southgate ie win something….not easy !
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    Donald Trump

    It seems to me that Starmer, Lammy (and King Charles) are handling this incident very wisely. There’s far too much poisonous rhetoric in politics on all sides - at times this section of the forum can be a perfect example. I’m not in any way a fan of Trump but it’s absolutely right to deplore an...

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