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    Forgotten words from Yesteryear

    Has anyone said bonking ?
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    Worst away days

    Brighton away late December 1979 snow and icy weather going down,got hammered 4-1 ,Stuart Lee scored at their old stadium.
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    Gary Neville

    Can’t stand the way he uses “that” when describing something on the pitch,for example “that defence” he overuses it and it spreads to other pundits.
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    Prestwich & Whitefield Branch formed 30 years ago this Year

    Came to an evening when Kevin Keegan was there,a great atmosphere and turnout also Nick Leeson on another night went down well,a real good club and cheap beer if I remember correctly.
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    Running thread

    Did a 2 mile slow run after a gap of a few months,feel better for it,need to try to build up with more regular runs now.
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    Lee Dixon

    Feels like he is doing the viewers a favour by co commentating,lacklustre voice sends me to sleep.
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    Sir Howard Bernstein R. I. P

    I have copied and pasted his obituary here,for anyone who wants to read it,from the Times. Sir Howard Bernstein obituary: Head of city council hailed as the ‘maker’ of modern ManchesterVisionary Mancunian spearheaded the city’s regeneration after the IRA bombing of 1996 When Sir Howard...
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    The English disease of putting all the hopes on one player then bring him down if they crash out,is in full flow…
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    Sorry to hear this,thoughts with you at this time.
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    Your Best Wordle XI for City?

    Remember all the players beginning with W we had at the time..Weaver Wiekens 2 x Whitleys Wanchope etc..
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    Mr Bates vs the Post Office

    Correct,I was working for a P&O group company and they had recently bought Townsend Thorsesen just a few weeks before this disaster if I remember correctly.
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    There is another Martin Samuel Times piece this morning which I have copied and pasted below… League needs more Jürgen Klopps to break City’s stranglehold Departing Liverpool boss never gave up, refused to be cowed and found a way to win. Unless more managers take up his slingshot, Goliath...
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    West Ham United (H) - Sun 19th May, 16:00 | Pre-Match Thread

    Oh look we are at page 115..
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    Here is the Times’ Martin Samuels piece on City’s achievement,a lone balanced voice,in a cesspit of awful journalism. Man City’s four in a row is only boring if you think genius is a snooze.Pep Guardiola’s assault on the record books is anything but dull. This side is one of footballing beauty...
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    Not sure if mentioned already,but a brilliant piece by our media friend Martin Samuel in todays Times on our greatness.
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    Anyone else feeling pretty confident?

    I am going to see him at Blackburn on Wednesday evening,hopefully relieved by a win tomorrow evening by then !
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    Spurs (A) - Tues 14th May, 20:00 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Tomorrow is exactly 43 years ago to the day since McKenzie scored a stunning volley in the cup final replay vs Spurs,time we gained our revenge for this result,and having to watch Villa weave through our defence every year on cup final day.
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    An Incredibly Powerful Video By Wolves:

    Very good video,football connects these issues and highlights the need for people to talk about things on their mind.
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    Atmosphere - 2023/24

    Amazing support from the Blues there today,take a bow.
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    I am remaining quite calm about the next 3 games,belief in the modern City way is finally beginning to hit home to me as a fan since early 1970s,would absolutely love to get the 4 in a row however also realise whatever the outcome we are the best team of this age by far,and cannot win everything.

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