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    The "which famous person died today" thread
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    Today's shooting in America thread
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    General / Mental Health Support Thread

    Life is just a silly, painful, nonstop cringefest Once you accept this and don't expect anything else , anything good is a bonus
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    The "which famous person died today" thread
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    Peter William Sutcliffe

    Wasn't helped by the fact that his wife kept giving him alibis If you examine the case in detail you'll know why the hoax letters and tape weren't dismissed.
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    Peter William Sutcliffe

    Anyone listened to this? Sutcliffe stalked a woman in Bradford (15 months before his arrest) at the exact spot he killed a victim some weeks later. Cops turned up and couldn't be bothered searching where he was hiding.
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    Peter William Sutcliffe

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    The Album Review Club - Week #130 - (page 1611) - Rattus Norvegicus - The Stranglers

    Greenfield wasn't aware of the Doors when he joined the band. He was a Yes fan. It's not particularly easy to pinpoint their influences. The Doors influence accusations I always found rather lazy. I'd say a definite Lou Reed vibe on Cornwell's vocals And a slight Turtles kind of pop influence...
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    What are you listening to.................RIGHT NOW!!!
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    Another presenter arrested for alleged child rape
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    General / Mental Health Support Thread

    Really struggling today Couldn't get up Premier league season can't come quick enough I know it's silly but just 'little' things like football can make a huge difference Fucking nightmare Samaritans call tonight without a doubt
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    Cool stuff on the radio
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    The Album Review Club - Week #130 - (page 1611) - Rattus Norvegicus - The Stranglers

    Rattus Norvegicus is a fantastic album They recorded most of the second album at the same time I believe Given that No More Heroes is full of gems too it's frightening to think how even greater Rattus could have been if the best songs from NMH had been put on it. A band that's never been given...

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