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    Liam Gallagher sat 15th

    Hi mate how much do u want for the tickets mate
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    Liam Gallagher sat 15th

    How much are they pal
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    Liam Gallagher sat 15th

    Need 3 tickets or even 2 if any available, has to be seating as well thanks
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    FA Cup Final - Post Game thread

    First time in years I have travelled down by coach to Wembley and it will definitely be the last, train, stay over or not going are my options . Getting in and out of the place is just horrendous and I’m too old now to cope with it . Really bad day yesterday all round as nothing went right, even...
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    FA Cup Final 2024 | Manchester Derby | Sat 25 May 3:00pm

    Got mine and Mrs ours yesterday at 4 and had to buy the £115 tickets which has hurt my pocket big time . Only realised that we are up in the gods after buying them. How does that work ? Cheaper tickets get a better seat by the looks . Well done to the fa cheers . It is a debacle the ticket prices.
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    David Silva retires from football (pg13)

    My favourite ever City player and I’ve seen some great players over the last 59 years. Absolute joy to watch who made the game look easy . It’s incredible that we haven’t said a proper goodbye to one of our true legends.
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    Arsenal (H) - Sun 31st Mar, 16:30 | PL | Pre-Match Thread

    Love a big match day ( only if we win of course )
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    Newcastle home FAC Sat 16th Mar

    Didn’t think I could make tomorrow but now can so I’m looking for an adult and under 18 .
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    Brentford home

    SS3 £20 available still as I’m in the posh seats tonight
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    Brentford home

    One available ss3 £20
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    Burnley (H)

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    Burnley (H)

    1 available South stand level 3 £20
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    Sheff Utd (H) - 30 Dec 2023

    DM’d you mate as I have a spare in SS3 £25
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    Spurs (H) - 3 Dec 2023

    south stand level 3 318 1 ticket available £40 Must have customer number to transfer ticket Sold
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    RB Leipzig (H) - 28 Nov 2023

    South stand 318, one spare £10
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    RB Leipzig (H) - 28 Nov 2023

    1 available south stand 318 £22 dm if interested
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    Young Boys at home

    Still for sale Will take £15
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    Young Boys at home

    1 for sale South stand level 3 £20 . Will need a supporters number
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    Francis Lee RIP

    Just on my way home from the cathedral and what a brilliant service and tribute to a great footballer but also a fantastic human being. RIP Franny

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