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    Sacha Lord

    there’ll be a few people looking forward to this man’s downfall.
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    Exactly. Connect the dots and it all makes sense.
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    Internal Damp

    When it comes to damp, you need a proper independent damp report done. You will need to pay for this report. It is 99% likely not to be rising damp. Water doesn’t just magically levitate up your walls. Do not get some builder round and get him to ‘diagnose’ the issue. Get a report done then...
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    Epstein / Prince Andrew / Maxwell

    It’s a picture of him and his girlfriend at the time.
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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    I am not suggesting Ukraine surrender. I am saying they switch emphasis and defend what they have rather than these counter offensives that will NEVER be successful. This could maybe be tied up in some agreement with NATO and the EU to protect them going forward. The economic and manpower costs...
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    Russian invasion of Ukraine

    The Ukrainian counter offensive has failed to achieve the key objectives that were laid out. Is it time for a change in tactic? Instead of trying to regain the 20% of land it’s lost, take a defensive position to retain the 80% it still holds? It will require less resources. Taking a step back...
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    We went a little bit further to the west and covered the stretch of coast from Le Lavandou round to Saint Tropez. Take a look at the area from La Lavandou to Cavalaire-sur-Mer, an absolute stunning little run of coastline and both towns mentioned there are great places to stay in.
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    Where abouts did you go? We’ve bee last two summers.
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    Goodbye Manchester

    I can’t get the idea of moving to a top tier European city out of my head right now. I am thinking about it daily and doing some proper research into it. Vienna, Munich, Copenhagen, Helsinki, somewhere like that. Wife can get an Irish passport and I have some sought after engineering...
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    Mortgage deal ending

    Just to add a little bit of perspective to this. In 2017 we bought our first house. I am a self-employed contractor and it was a ballache to get the mortgage so we went with the 5yr fixed at 4.19%. Cheapest on the market at the time with our LTV. At the time that was considered extremely low...
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    Camping YES or NO

    Lots of camping horror stories and tales of long wet weekends in Wales. If you are going to do it at least plan for success and go somewhere where the weather will be good. We spend 5-6 weeks camping in south of France over the summer, with a few nights in hotels and air bnbs thrown in to break...
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    Shooting / Rioting in Paris

    Our diversity is our strength
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    Respect for Inter Fans and City fans behaviour

    You could walk round the stadium pretty much. I had a walk round to the inter end to kill some time
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    Respect for Inter Fans and City fans behaviour

    I didn’t see any trouble either. Just city and inter fans enjoying themselves in their own way and respectful of each others fan culture. Tbh what a privilege playing an Italian team in the final, and 3 x winners at that. Amazing how peaceful these games can go ahead without scousers involved
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    Respect for Inter Fans and City fans behaviour

    no scousers = no crushing and no trouble
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    Istanbul CL Final chaos | City Matters statement (p 133)

    What a fucking joke that was.
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    Champions League Final | Ticket Criteria | SOLD OUT

    The criteria announced by city suggests that this isn’t the case and it sells out to people on the Cup scheme. A marvellous effort by our supporter base in a very tricky financial climate.
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    Lifestyle & retirement

    Always seems to be these threads popping up about how much money one needs in retirement. What about the level of health you take into retirement? Can anyone share their experiences about getting old physically and how to prepare for it? Anything you wish you’d done differently? I read...
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    Champions League Final | Ticket Criteria | SOLD OUT

    If the game finishes after 90 mins you won’t be out of the ground until getting on for 1am mate, not midnight (assuming we win). ET and pens it will be 2am, plus your travel back into Istanbul by which point your hangover has already kicked in. Can’t see it being a massive night out after the...
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    Champions League Final | Ticket Criteria | SOLD OUT

    Indirect is basically anything not from Manchester direct into Istanbul in this instance

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