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    Season Tickets - 2024/25

    Guessing like the PL in the old days as per our home games they'll have the opposition categories so prices will be available to clubs. I know in championship last couple of years of clubs charging 45-50. Like you say the 850 will be about right considering they have more games than PL
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    Season Tickets - 2024/25

    Persume Leeds know what all the clubs will be charging the away fans in the price they've set, which is way more in some cases than the £30 PL
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    North Stand Development: Have your say

    Is there any more hospitality planned for East level 2 at the North Stand End like Joe's and 93:20, feel we've only 2 seasons left and all level 2 will become hospitality especially after seeing what the prices for Kits Bar are
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    Cup Schemes - can't add new Credit Card

    I had same problem using the App on Android, varying different error messages, or need cookies to be enabled, not being tech savy I just kept randomly trying and after about 2 weeks having changed nothing it let me in and let me change card
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    Match day Hospitality prices - Wow

    Was definitely just over the £5 last season in East Stand
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    North Stand Development: Have your say

    This is also our fear in East Level 2 that once North Stand is complete we'll be forced out for more hospitality seating
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    Season Tickets - 2024/25

    Sure it's a generic email that everyone gets regardless of if you're already enrolled. I always get it. Don't need to do anything
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    PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

    It was all rushed out as a way of PL trying to prove they could self regulate and they made a complete mess of it
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    Tuesday 18th June - Fixture Release

    That helps, but once UEFA have the 4 groups of 9, how will they decide the home and away ties
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    Tuesday 18th June - Fixture Release

    Any information on how they decide who teams play at home and who they play away after the draw is made.
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    Ticket Points Sales Tracking

    After seeing your post I've checked mine and points have been added, kept getting that error message last week when trying to change cup scheme payment card
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    Tuesday 18th June - Fixture Release

    Southampton or Ipswich away for opening game
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    City launch legal action against the Premier League

    Brilliant article
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    Ticket Points Sales Tracking

    I asked last week, they said they are working on it and will be added in the coming weeks with no set date to do it
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    Flexi Gold season ticket

    Mine usually renews in wallet week before season starts
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    Ticket Points Sales Tracking

    Not yet
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    The Title Race - 2023/24

    They're not playing, just been given 3pts it seems
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    FA Cup Final 2024 | Manchester Derby | Sat 25 May 3:00pm

    Should be getting 2, but only received 1 as yet
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    Spurs etickets

    Downloaded into Google wallet on android no problem

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