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    Vincent Kompany | Bayern Munich Manager

    I do not think there is a general consensus by the fans. Too much turmoil in the recent 4 years not really going into a straight direction. And the media does not help it either. The old guys that had withdrawn and given over their reign to Kahn and Brazzo - and who came back after that did not...
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    Vincent Kompany | Bayern Munich Manager

    For me he is somewhat ideal - the only disadvantage is the lack of experience. His German is excellent - not mother tongue but not too far away and fluent on a high level when he gets used to it again - even if he today did not do most of the press conference in German. His mother tongues are...
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    Champions League Matches | Semi-Finals | 30 April, 1/7/8 May '24

    Sane has groan pain for weeks now. Cannot even proper sit so he does not go into the dressing room in the break but walks around. The only thing he plays in is the CL matches. Only trainings are the prematch trainings - no games.
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    New PL Commercial rule passed (pg4) | City rumoured to be questioning the legality

    It should not bother Bayern - not only because we aren't in the EPL. Bayern's commercial partners are totally independent from each other - and all of them have less than 8 % - and together 25%. I am pretty sure that Audi would not pay a special sum extra when it is the other 92% that profit as...
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    Joshua Kimmich

    He does not play RB for Bayern but as a no. 6. You really think Kimmich would go from Bayern to City to sometimes cover for Rodri, sometimes for the right back etc.??? And you pay more than 20 million EUR per year for that? You even seem to be a bigger lunatic if you think Kimmich is giving...
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    Joshua Kimmich

    Thiago was a very young player that did not get enough playing time at Barcelona and with Fabregas etc. in that team at that time it did not seem that he will get more later on. And he wanted out and could because the clause he had demanded for matches/matchtime he did not get in the season...
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    Joshua Kimmich

    Kimmich always plays. That about "Tuchel is not his biggest fan". The only problem is the role in which Tuchel sees Kimmich best - and that is more like an 8 - and not like a 6. That really is a thing that is debateable. That is why Bayern looks for a six. My opinion is that Kimmich would...
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    17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2023/24

    Wirtz will not leave Leverkusen before 2025 - his father plans his career very carefully. Bayern might only go for him if they will lose Musiala.
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    RB Leipzig (A) - Wed 4th Oct, 20:00 | CL | Pre-Match Thread

    No. They started really badly the recent season and changed managers in September because of that. Had a pretty good start into the season.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Red Star Belgrade (19/09/23)

    As not-Manchester-City-fan - yes. But Bayern won last season with clean sheets against Barcelona and Inter - but not against Belgrad... At the end you will win the match even if it looks a little like a slapstick now...
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    Harry Kane

    There is always the risk that it does not work out. Pep waited years for his next CL medal. Some like Ibrahimovic never got one. But I actually think that as a person and family you get far more out of being abroad and learning to cope in another country, league, club etc. If he is a real...
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    Harry Kane

    So - if you go on to win the league 5 or 6 times (or so on as when we made 4 it was the first time a club made that in the Bundesliga - we just went on) it is nothing special anymore as you did it before? Just asking... (for me actually only the wins above 81 points are special because of a...
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    Joshua Kimmich

    They are not? Actually they do not even have debt, have money in the savings, have e.g. paid the stadium off and write positive numbers on their balance sheet all of the last 30 years - including the Covid years. Financing Kane is not a problem - but the further ideas like a good defensive...
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    It's Quiet 18 - Wanna ring the bell?

    Actually Dreesen stayed in Munich because of talks with Levy on the weekend. And Neppe turned at the airport already dressed for the flight and went back with the bus after he got a phone call - seems something else kept him in Munich. Usually they do the transfer talks right now. But the head...
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    Greuther Fürth and the second Bundesliga actually start their season already on the weekend. You probably have to take that in account. Even if I like to see such a "small" team winning or drawing against Liverpool.
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    Liverpool Thread - 2023/24

    German second Bundesliga. 3 goals were made by ex-FC Bayern junior players (Green already in Pep's last season) that were a year or two with the pros but did not make it there. Green and Armindo Sieb.
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    Yokohama (A) - Pre-Season Friendly | Post-Match Thread

    It won't be. Bayern had the 10-year-treble party with a legend match today and a show training with the actual team afterwards. They will fly on Monday 4 p.m. and arrive in Tokyo on Tuesday around 5.30 a.m. (flight takes 12.5 hours) - that is 12.30 p.m. local time The match is 7.30 p.m...
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    Benjamin Mendy leaves City | Launches “multi-million-pound” claim against club over unpaid wages (p118)

    And if this is a famous and wealthy person it means that the women lied? The whole story just says that the accusations could not been proven. Not more - not less.
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    Benjamin Mendy leaves City | Launches “multi-million-pound” claim against club over unpaid wages (p118)

    The accusing women have been lying and that is proven? Or it just could not be proven that he is guilty? To give you a number. In Germany in only 8.4 cases of rapes that are claimed by police the man gets convicted... So 89 women are lying? You just can speak somebody guilty if there is no...

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