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    Mamchester City v Celtic post match thread

    Sorry mate, hope he’s still on his well deserved holiday.
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    Mamchester City v Celtic post match thread

    Well Celtic hardly had any players at the Euros so they’re bound to be playing more of their first team. Despite Scottisb football being dire the better teams would probably be expected to beat our kids.
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    Best City player nicknames (past & present)

    lee won pen
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    17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2023/24

    Exactly! 1 shorter than Aguero and Merlin.
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    Happy 24th birthday to NMS aka Erling Haaland

    Happy birfday Erl. Can't wait to see you in action again for the beautiful blue boys.
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    17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2023/24

    brilliant news if true
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    17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2023/24

    So you don't love his dedication to the club? Seeing him close down defences like a mad man possessed in the 85th min of a game. He's always left everything out there. He's a fantastic person and undoubtedly a City legend.
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    10 | Jack Grealish - 2023/24

    Hoping it's going to be a good season for our Jack.
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    17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2023/24

    He's not Kev of course but he's still a top player You don't think so? I'd also like us to have a look at Wirtz.
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    31 | Ederson - 2023/24

    Better still, Carson and tell em it's Eddie.
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    17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2023/24

    If god forbid he does leave we should go all out for Olmo.
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    Welcome Savinho | Signs for £21m on a 5 year deal

    He does like to drift inside and always looking to make a pass. Pep will love him. This could be a superb signing.
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    City’s New Kits

    how about never ? I'd much prefer that.
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    Pep's contract situation

    Well said. I hope he wouldn’t touch England with a barge pole. Tell the FA to fuck right off!
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    Gareth Southgate resigns as England manager

    Doubt that, they’ll probably garnish his wages.
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    Media Discussion - 2023/24

    No that would look like it's made up.
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    Welcome Savinho | Signs for £21m on a 5 year deal

    Blimey, looking forward to seeing this lad
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    Hooliganism and Violence Maine Road 80's/early 90's

    Can you imagine if we sang that today? Lyrics are priceless LOL
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    Worst away days

    Sounds miserable.Top blue for going though.

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