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    Motorhome life?

    Just about to buy our first motorhome, weve had caravans for the past 17 years. Done lots of research,plumed for a German model ( lot better made), looking to go off for nine months around the British isles anti clockwise (March to November), and the following year do thw same trip but clockwise.
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    FA Cup Final - Post Game thread

    I Bet Newcastle fans are pissed off, that we didn't turn up today!
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    FA Cup Final - Post Game thread

    Not the result I obviously wanted today, I'll make winning next time all the more sweeter, Roll on The Charity Shield!
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    Mr Bates vs the Post Office

    Both the PO side and letter's (they're kept separate but under the same banner), are piss poorly run,I know form them ruining my career with the letters side of the business. Basically if the people at the top wanted to ignore an issue or have a problem flagged and they didn't like the probable...
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    Mr Bates vs the Post Office

    This guy McCormack doesn't pull any punches when sending Vennells emails, he's even telling her that her team about her are inept and rather than investigating they draw their own conclusions from the manor of his emails ( which are frank and direct) not to do anything. It just shows how these...
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    Spurs (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

    Would we ever of heard the last of it had spurs won or got a draw last night? From their fickle fans Picture the headline " How the Mighty Spurs stopped City making history!", how we stopped the "Dirty Oil Money" from ruining the league! We would never of heard the last of it . The bunch of...
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    Bank holiday plans ?

    No football today, Gotta wedding to attend. Hopefully I'll catch the game on TV. Recovering tomorrow, Monday it's Worthing v Braintree, hopefully Worthing get back to back promotion.Live on TNT if anyone wants to watch one of Oldhams opponents?
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    FA Cup Semi Final | Coventry City v United

    Will onana, be suspended for the final? Martinez misses Villas next European match?
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    Seat Counters - 2023/24

    Having sat In front of a family of five for Palace away, the father explained how "lucky"he thought he was securing five seats together! However,he paid £900-00 per ticket (4.5k!) 30 times the face for a piss poor seat, where his kids didn't see much of the game. There's certainly people in...
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    Pictures of your Dog

    Morning all, here's my girl, back on four paws! Oaks back to her usual self, thanks to all of you for your generosity,the swimming in the Hydrotherapy pool has aided, Oaks recovery, there's a slight limp but nothing really noticeable, She's happy running around sparring with my other pair of...
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    City announce trial bus scheme for home games

    I see there's a bus to and from Altrincham, how long does it take to get back there on the Bus? I travel with six others in one car from the south coast and we have pondered the use of the bus and leaving the car at Altrincham because it's then easy to get out on to the M6. What are the chances...
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    Mr Bates vs the Post Office

    Unfortunately, it's rather like getting Turkey's to vote for Xmas. None of these, higher management people are going to admit anything,though what's happened is clearly obvious. Sadly, some "low middle management bod" will kop the wraps and probably by hung out to dry, All the upper management...
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    Mr Bates vs the Post Office

    As for compensation for all these victims , it'll come from us hard working tax payers, which I don't be grudge for one moment.However, first of all those complicate (Venelles and co) need to have all their wealth and assists stripped along with immediate family members,who have probably...
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    The End of on Street Parking within walking distance of the Etihad

    Got to my car in Holly street at 10-20pm to find the AMPR car hovering around the roads, fortunately no cars there to be ticketed.
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    My Daughter has moved into a new build site back in September., lawn layed of rubbish, and full of leather jackets! Now laid a new lawn two weeks ago and already showing signs of being eaten already! Two lots of Nemasys and the bugger's are crawling out everywhere! The whole estate is being...
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    FA Cup Semi-Final | City v Chelsea | Sat 20 Apr 5:15pm SOLD OUT

    It now potentially looks like the last week of the season could be busy? If we beat Madrid, we'll have Brighton and Tottenham away to fit in! Maybe Tuesday and Thursday of the final week for premier League game's unless I'm mistaken??
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    Last Film You Saw

    Brian Banks on Netflix good film, true story
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    Kalvin Phillips

    Is Kalvin Philips the new Deli Ali?
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    Gigs Thread

    Surely there's more AC DC dates to be announced in England? Nine in Germany and only 2 over here! £350 for a standing ticket is crazy money, as if they need their pension pots topping up ! Lol
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    Steve Wright DJ RIP

    Absolutely shocked by the news !! RIP Steve Wright a great entertainer and DJ

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