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    We’re Not Really Here

    You’ve missed it. I’m sure it’ll be repeated but it was a good watch. York Away goals.
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    General / Mental Health Support Thread

    10,000 steps a day minimum here. I’m not too bothered about the slight tummy but I feel mentally strong.
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    The Conservative Party

    James Cleverly has announced he’s going to stand for Tory leader.
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    We’re Not Really Here

    Looks like a 30 min documentary on Sky Sports Premier League about City in the good old days at 9pm (Tuesday 23rd.) Kettle on, like.
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    The Labour Government

    Starmer’s honeymoon period already over as he ensures children remain in poverty and punishes every MP who dared to step out of line. Anyone who expected real change with a Labour vote must be disappointed.
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    CFG & Sony Pictures agree co-development deal

    Chico, Harpo, Groucho, Gummo, and Zeppo Glazer?
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    Tickets vs Ipswich, 24.Aug

    I rarely buy tickets now but I’d have presumed first come first served for an online system. How naive of me.
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    Joey Barton

    Strangeways Here He Comes!
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    Best City player nicknames (past & present)

    We’d call French Toni 50p head.
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    Joey Barton

    I liked Barton lots as a City player for a while but was calling for his departure long before he attacked Dabo on the training pitch.
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    Blackpool accommodation tips pls

    I last endured it for a stag in our 93:20 season. Several refused to go as they hate Blackpool but he was a school friend so I went. I’ve aged lots in the last few years and feel a quality old pub we can take over for the night would be better now. Blackpool was exciting as a child but I’d...
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    City’s New Kits

    Shirts have to be different yet familiar for me. I think I mentioned Hereford on this thread or another recently but I’ve done some surfing of the web and they have two shirts for two seasons each at £48 for adults. Nice design by Kappa too.
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    Best City player nicknames (past & present)

    I know he was a very divisive appointment but I never heard a Blue refer to Mark Hughes as Sparky. It was Hughes or Hughsie. Interestingly, his cousin lives near me and has approached me a few times to chat as both ex-City and ex-Wales as player and manager. I think I’ll refer to Craig Bellamy...
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    City’s New Kits

    I appreciate some Blues have kids but nobody else is begging you to buy the shirts. I’ve only really liked one of our recent home shirts. The one with the badge in the middle and the maroon trip.
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    Best City player nicknames (past & present)

    He’s Greek He’s great He’ll smash your dinner plate
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    Best City player nicknames (past & present)

    McManaman’s debut against Villa was pretty special. Appearances after that less so.
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    Best City player nicknames (past & present)

    Shaun and Bradley Wright-Phillips : Sweep and Beep. I also remember Blues shouting “feed the goat” at Maine Road when he first started netting regularly. I think Geoff Horsfield got “feed the horse” where he played too.
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    Best City player nicknames (past & present)

    Musampa? First post, mate.

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