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    Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    This thread will be quiet
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    Gabriel Jesus - 2020/21 Performances

    He’s the only striker available and he didn’t even start today. 2 goals in 10 league games. His best quality is his work rate and getting stuck in, which what you hear so often about mid table strikers.
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    Rodri - 2020/21 Performances

    He was good in the second half when Gundogan sat deeper to hold his hand. Tragically shit in the first half when he had to sit on his own. The fact that he constantly needs his hand held by a midfield partner is what holds us back going forward.
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    Pep Guardiola - 2020/21 Performances

    I simply don’t understand him. The set up to start the game was a right one, we lose that game if we concede early just like we did vs Spurs. But to not make changes as the game goes on is beggars belief. Sterling CLEARLY has a hard time vs AWB so just move him to the right or get him off for...
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    Jack Grealish

    He’s brilliant but Pep would have him hugging the touchline a la Foden/Bernardo/Mahrez. He just wouldn’t be as effective
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    Raheem Sterling - 2020/21 Performances

    Are you saying Sterling doesn’t deliver goals and assists?
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    Eric Garcia to Barcelona

    If he wasn’t Spanish, he wouldn’t be at the club right now.
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    Benjamin Mendy - 2020/21 Performances

    Sorry but he complete shite. I’d put it down to his injuries which isn’t his fault but it is what it is. Club needs to be ruthless and cut our losses
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    The Messi Mambo 2021

    It seems the only reason he hasn’t left is because he doesn’t want to enter a legal dispute with the club, which seems fair. Either way the president has to go
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    Champions League semi-finals 18/19 August

    PSG have the two best players in the world as it stands. Seriously unlucky that this is the first time they’ve both been fit going into the latter stages of the UCL
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    David Silva Statue To Be Placed Outside The Etihad In 2021

    Should’ve waited for Aguero to leave. Vinnie, Yaya, Silva and Aguero together would be much more iconic.
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    Raheem Sterling - 2019/20 Performances

    All everyone ever says is that he scores “simple” chances. Only other players I would rather have that chance fall to are Kun and Kev.
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    Pep Guardiola - 2019/20 Performances

    We could start next season poorly and we still wouldn’t sack him. I’ve said it since day 1 he has the club in a chokehold. The club waited years to get him and are afraid to make a big decision on it
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    Raheem Sterling - 2019/20 Performances

    Monaco, Liverpool, Spurs, Lyon. He’s scored or assisted 7 of the 12 we’ve scored in these ties. The miss is inexcusable, but to say he is someone we can’t rely on is nonsensical.
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    Champions League Quarter Final Games 12-15th August

    Barca are shite. That lineup is a disgrace for their standards
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    Champions League Quarter Final Games 12-15th August

    PSG missing Mbappe, Di Maria and Verratti. Aka 3 of their 4 best players. Neymar needs to be 10/10 tonight
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    Liverpool put 5 past us. Spurs 4. Are Kompany and Laporte shite?
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    He’s been atrocious but I wouldn’t judge off this one game. No one would say Varane is bad because of last night.
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    Nathan Ake

    Won’t get a game when Laporte is fit outside a few games where we rotate. Doesn’t fit the mould of past full back signings so can’t see why he’d be a good option there? Only thing he has over Stones and Otamendi as a back up is that he’s left footed. £40m is a farce
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    Benjamin Mendy - 2019/20 Performances

    Recently rewatched the first episode of our Amazon doc. Pep, Silva and Yaya all waxing lyrical about him. Apparently he was miles ahead of our 2nd choice target at left back too. Just looking at some of the clips they showed in his first few games and he’s an absolute shadow of the player he...
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