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    Tune that City used to run out to?

    What is the paul oakenfold tune that we used to run out to Cheers
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    rawk in meltdown again

    Reminds me of another fans forum site that i look at :).
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    No Tevez today

    Tevez not in the squad today due to personal reason.anybody know what problems
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    Platt on ssn

    Goes on to say that city are playing well,in denial or what.Is this the reason why we have no plan b as the management team seem to think everything is o.k.Talk about the king in new clothes
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    Rags will be crying

    Beckham wearing a spurs tracksuit top-so much for only playing for the scum in england
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    Any streams for crawley v derby tonight

    Would like to watch this tonight if anyone knows any links
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    big nose thompson on again

    Old big nose slagging Boyata off big time again,what that prick knows you can write on the back of a stamp.Come to think of it didn`t he do a top job while in charge of liverpool.Imo BOYATA PLAYED WELL and will be a top player in a couple of years,keep the faith
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    that time again Harry

    Looks like Harry Redknapp is trying to unsettle Craig Bellamy again by saying he would love to have im at WHL,lets not forget that he turned them down to come to us in the first place,so in his own words "not a chance" Harry
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    ssn have just announced with a tear in their eyes that the rags have no fit defenders to play in europe maybe a postponent is in order or an emergency loan signing ,as they have no foookin money,PMSL :)
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    man city fanzines

    Hi, Ihave the following city zines if anyone interested pm me with a price cheers :- King of the Kippax 1-82 inc. iom special Blueprint 1-27 Electric Blue 1-30 missing 25 and 28 Singing the Blues 2-8 This charming fan 1 and 2 Blue murder 1 Main stand view 1-9 Bert...
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    uefa cup odds

    Ladbrookes make CITY 5-1 favourites to lift the cup.lmao.Sorry but not putting any hard earned money on that but would loved to be proved wrong but i doubt it somehow/
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    I see the prolific brazilian has been subbed by the bin dippers,looks like he has had his good 40 minutes this season for them,bad news he will return to city!!!!!!!!!
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    Lets start off with saying tonights result was a good one even though we should have won the game comfortably.The only nagative is our inabilty to defend the high ball/cross.Every time one came in i was not at ease in our ability to defend it(8m for richards maybe a good deal for us),we need to...
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    shots on goal

    not 1 fucker,disgusted but not surprised
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    shots on goal

    not 1 fucker ,disgusted
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    same old city

    opposition down to 10 men ,city dominating the ball but the final ball is wakn then caught by the sucker punch (good goal).Still believe we can win but need extra forward on,go 3 at the back
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    If only it was true

    Happy harry saying that jo and vassell are a striking partnership that he admires but cannot say anything else as they are currently under contract to city
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