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    Borussia Monchengladbach (a) Post Match Thread

    Complete domination. Voted for Cancelo as MotM. Bernardo ran himself into the ground as per... Thought Rodri had a good game too other than his aberration at the end. If only we had a clinical finisher fit..... Jesus works so hard for the team, but rather like Sterling, when he's got time to...
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    Man of the Match Borussia M'gladbach CL Rd of 16 (N)

    Only one choice really, Cancelo. Bernardo ran his heart out - again. Even he looked knackered at the end.
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    Man of the Match Arsenal PL (A)

    Gave it to Fern but could easily have been Stonesy today - very difficult choice between the two. Dias had a good game and Zinch quietly efficient too. Having given it to Fern, I do wonder if we missed Rodri today?
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    Man of the Match Everton PL (A)

    Bernardo by a country mile. Absolutely drove City in the second half. Worked ceaselessly in both attack and defending and scored a well taken goal to boot.
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    Man of the Match Tottenham Hotspur PL (H)

    Gundogan - again. I'm starting to sound like a fanboi. Hopefully the groin injury isn't serious but it didn't look great. Zinchenko had another great game too along with Stones. Other than free kick against the post and Bale's shot second half, the defence looked largely untroubled again...
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    Man of the Match Liverpool PL (A)

    For sheer work rate and tenacity and an unsung hero in today's game, Bernardo, though I'm sure Phil will win the plaudits from most (and why not). Phil was great second half; not sure that the false none suited him in the first. Rodri also absolutely outstanding in a quiet, understated and...
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    Man of the Match Burnley PL (A)

    Not an easy choice but Ilkay, just ahead of Bernardo. I'd love to know how far Bernardo's run tonight. Gundo almost looking a bit like David Silva in some of his passing and movement tonight.
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    West Brom (A) | Post-Match Thread

    Fabulous performance. That's the most enjoyable performance this season. Ilkay first half was as good a midfield performance as I think I've seen in quite some time; absolutely outstanding. Cancelo another brilliant display from right-back - well, sort of! Rodri is really looking the part, had...
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    Man of the Match WBA PL (A)

    What a difficult decision tonight. Ilkay for his first half performance just shades it. Cancelo was also superb yet again. Rodri, Stones and Dias, even FFS very good tonight. No one has has been anything less than very good tonight. What a team performance.
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    Man of the Match Cheltenham Town FA Cup Rd 4 (A)

    Simplest decision this year, Phil. Some of the others should be ashamed.
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    Man of the Match Aston Villa PL (H)

    Could have been one of three for me, Gundo, Phil or Bernardo. For me, Gundo had the most consistent influence on the game of the three of them. Some of Phil's dribbles and close control were fabulous and I'd love to know what Bernardo's running stats were. Put a fabulous shift in and scored a...
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    Man of the Match Crystal Palace PL (H)

    Stones for me. Thought the whole team played well by and large. The midfield three, Fern, Gundogan and especially KdB all excellent.
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    Man of the Match That lot Carabao Cup s/f (A)

    Dias absolutely imperious with Stonesy just behind him. What a centre back pairing. Thought Zinchenko had another good game tonight - and I was really worried about him up against Rashford. Brilliant performances in midfield too from Ilkay and Fern. Great all round performance tonight City. Hope...
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    United (A) - League Cup SF | Post-Match Thread

    Great win City. Just for Colin the King. Dias and Stones immense. What a partnership. Was worried about Zinchenko at LB but had a great game. Great work ethic in in midfield from Fern and Ilkay. Fabulous.
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    Colin Bell RIP - Ian Cheeseman interview with Jon Bell (P142)

    Terrible, terrible news. God bless, RIP Colin the King.
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    Man of the Match Chelsea PL (A)

    Ilkay wins this comfortably for me. Honourable mentioned to Phil and Kev, Stonsey and Diaz. Nobody had a bad game. As good a win as I can remember in a while.
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    Chelsea (A) Post Match Thread

    Superb performance City. Gundogan an absolute masterclass in midfield; comfortably my man of the match. Great performances at the back again from Stones and Diaz. Cancello continuing his recent run of excellent form. Kev, Phil and Bernardo also excellent too. It's nice to see the latter getting...
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    Man of the Match Southampton PL (A)

    Stones for me, closely followed by Dias, Gundogan and Bernardo. I think Dias' organisation at the back, is helping Stones immeasurably.
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    Champions League games 8/9 Dec

    Should have been 3.
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    Pep signs new deal until 2023!

    Absolutely delighted with this news today. I've loved watching Pep's football. I can't wait to get back to the Etihad to watch it live again. I felt, like many, that a one year extension would just be a sticking plaster only and wouldn't really be dealing with the issue properly. The news of a...
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