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    West Brom (h) post-match thread

    Might as well put a tree trunk upfront, would offer more attacking threat than Jesus the invisible man!
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    Man of the Match Burnley PL (H)

    Has to be Mahrez because of the hat-trick but thought Stones was back to his best
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Burnley (28/11/20)

    Cheers to all the moaners on pre match thread
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    Arsenal FA Cup SF Post-Match Thread

    How the fuck did KDB stay on all game? I'd of walked onto the pitch and dragged him off by the ankles after 20 mins! Beyond shite performance, looked as though he's not played for 6 months!
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    Southampton (A) Post-Match Thread

    Individual mistakes and atrocious finishing, story of our season!
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    Swansea (QF) Post Match thread

    Think you need a new telly mate! :-)
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    Leicester v City post match

    Deserved to lose, certain players don't look fit or motivated! Same old faces every time, yet Foden can't get a look in when we need fresh legs?
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    Referees’ Performances 2018/19

    Sorry but, never a penalty on Silva, he kicked the back of his own leg! Very poor decision on the goal yes but not the pen ( Sergio should of been booked for dive as well)
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    Tried all day on website, if anyone checks my history at work, prob get sacked! No chance, website is not fit for purpose! Phoned at 4:15, finally answered at 6:30, took 5 mins to move from East 3rd tier to South 3rd tier. Pain in the Arse, hopefully worth the £335 I'll save tho!
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    Arsenal(FA Cup Semi Final) Post Match Thread

    Can't overcome shit management decisions, time after time! Needs to adapt or fuck off
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    Everton v City post match

    Willy in goal, barely touches the ball and we win 5-0. Put the Clown in nets, we pass back to him 20/30 times and we lose 4-0, coincidence? He affects the whole team and the way we play! It's like we have to pass back to him to justify him being in the side!
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    Anyone going without a ticket????

    Yep, fly out Tues, back Thurs. Missed out on a ticket coz I didn't join Cup Scheme due to working nights last year. Flights and Hotel booked , mates got his ticket so I'll find a decent bar to watch it and hopefully Celebrate afterwards
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    Is the champions league that important to you?

    Just a couple of points , Is next year the last ever Champions League ? Why the rush , if we don`t make it next season , we go all for it the year after ! Surely better to become Winners first , let`s get that 1st Trophy under our belts and introduce a winning mentality into the Club . As for...
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    Born Winner

    Top 4 is the holy grail without a shadow of doubt and to be in 3 cup competitions would just be too much when taking into account the injury list at the moment. Why is Top 4 the Holy Grail ? For me a TROPHY is the Holy Grail , what do you want to see , Tevez stood in the middle of COMS holding...
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    Stats - sing when you're winning

    Two up v Fulham last year , finished 2-2 , took a 3-2 lead v Burnley only to end up 3-3 , spring to mind :-(
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    ***Predict the Starting XI v Spurs & win £10***

    Hart Richards Kolorov Toure K Kompany Johnson DeJong Toure Y Barry Silva tevez
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    Who will get the honour of City #9 shirt? (long post)

    Uwe , wore No.28 and later No.11 and pretty sure Reeves used to wear 11 as well , neither as far as I recall ever wore the No. 9 ?
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    OFFICIAL! David Silva is a Blue [Merged]

    Re: SSN Breaking News: City agree deal with Valencia for David S its on the Official Site :-)
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    what things have you lost at a match?can be anything aswell.

    First home game of the season v Leeds back in the 90`s (1-1 draw Coton played em on his own) walking round the ground to my turnstile I pulled my Season Ticket out of my pocket and out with came a £50 note (my first and so far only one) ! Surprisingly no one walking behind me called me back :-[...
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    Robinho to come back? Yes or No? [Merged]

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