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    Cheltenham and Gloucester blues

    Was in a pub in Rural Herefordshire the other night and got chatting to some lads from the Forest of Dean.They could tell by my accent I wasn’t a local and they asked what team I support.Anyway instead of the usual shit we always get they started telling me about a lad they all knew when we were...
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    Under The Cosh

    If any of you lot listen to podcasts there is one called under the cosh where two ex players jon Parkin and Chris brown interview journeymen footballers.Just listened to the two part one with Nicky Weaver and it’s got loads of tales about the good/bad old days Give it a go it’s brilliant
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    have any blokes on here had thrush in their mate has got it and he said it is not very pleasant.He is wondering if there are any old fashioned remedies that you gentlemen could recommend.
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    Wife's Knickers stuck in the Hoover

    got a day off work today so thought I,d tidy up for the missus before the pub opens.anyway about 2 minutes into it I,ve sucked up some knickers and can,t get the fuckers out of the pipe.any tips ?
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    Did anyone get ejected from the Wigan end before the game on Saturday for fuck and my young daughter had a right job getting in the our tickets off the f.a for £115 each.absolute disgrace they think they can treat people like this.I don,t think the Germans will stand for it in...
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    Team hotel in London

    Does anyone know where the team are staying for the cup final ?
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    The tourist trap

    Does anybody remember this programme that used to be on chanel 4 about a group of English ,Japanese ,german and American tourists with hidden cameras recording how different nationalities react when they are put in various situations.for instance when they accidentally set their countries flag...
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    Anyone else got rid of Torres and put ballotelli in for the quarters.bit of a risk but everyone in my mini league has got the same players.
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    mobile phones

    my contract with 02 is up and I,m gonna get one of those smart phones.what would any of you lot reckon is the best phone out now ? the i phone or samsung s2.
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