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    Spurs (H) Post Match Thread

    Thought he was great in parts in the second half today. That spurs left back will be delighted the game is over. Raz turned him easily on a number of occasions.
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    Liverpool (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Can't understand the moaning, that's the correct line up. Cancelo/zinchenko the best at the inverted roles. The fluid attacking 3/4. Basically trying to implement Peps dream of playing with all midfielders again. We've got to break our Anfield hoodoo at some point.
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    Kevin Budd (former City player early 80's)

    Phill My Dad says what happened to all those sheets you pinned on the wall for 'Teenage Kicks' Kevin Budd joined City initially on trial from Norwich City during the 1980/81 season and made his debut away in a 0-0 draw at Bolton Wanderers (FEB 10) He made 11 appearances for the reserves during...
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    Villa (H) Post Match Thread

    Really enjoyed that game. Thought villa looked good. Had to grind for that win, well done blues.
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    Your injuries for the City cause

    It doesn't surprise me with that netting! One of my first memories of a European away day seeing him climbing that.
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    Your injuries for the City cause

    Bet there's been some broken bones in Europe away games. Villareal, Porto, Monaco and Copenhagen spring to mind.
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    NFL 2020-2021 Season.

    He's brilliant, his ability to scramble- which he hardly does anymore- set him apart. But he doesn't release the ball quick enough. Look at the Buccs and Brady. They have a lack of an O line too but Brady releases the ball quickly.
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    NFL 2020-2021 Season.

    Seattle fan too. The O line has been a problem for so many years, Wilson gets absolutely no protection.
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    Birmingham City (H) - FA Cup R3 | Pre-Match Thread

    But that hasn't happened though, getting yourself worked up over hypotheticals
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    United (A) - League Cup SF | Post-Match Thread

    Hello John Stones.
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    Chelsea (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    beIN sport just confirmed it's Torres, ederson, Doyle, jesus, walker, Garcia all out with covid. Plus an unamed eds player.
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    Premier League Games 1/2/3/4 Jan 2021

    This Soucek looks a decent player. Always seems to be on the score sheet for West Ham!
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    Newcastle (H) post match thread

    Cancelo MOTM. Stones and Dias are great.
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    Premier League games 4/5/6/7 December

    Ifs, buts and maybes. They're winning right now.
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    Premier League games 4/5/6/7 December

    I'm not a fan of his football at all. But I don't need to be. He's not our manager. I bet spurs fans and the board are delighted with him this season.
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    Premier League games 4/5/6/7 December

    I'd be happy my team was top of the table. After beating our title rivals and our local rivals and keeping a clean sheet. We often play within ourselves and in "gears". Spurs are doing the same.
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    Premier League games 4/5/6/7 December

    Why do more? They beat us and they're beating Arsenal. It's a results business. Why do more when you don't need to.
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    Premier league Games 21/22/23 November

    Thats never a red
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    Euro play-offs 12 Nov (Sco-Serb, N Ire-Slova, Georgia-N Mace, Ice-Hun)

    Big game for Georgia after their huge US election win last week.
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    Liverpool (H) - Post-Match Thread

    Think this game was a victim of what a weird season is and will be. Petered out after the first 45 mins. Saying that we should have won and wasted a number of chances to do so. Don't remember ederson having a save to make. Really like the look of the defence now too. We just need...
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