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    Hello chaps, CAVEAT: You may recognize I've been a member of the forum for many years, under my old name Dobsy87 and now my new name (I had a brief break). Never claimed ITK status and I won't get any further info seeing as I live in London and almost never see this guy, who's the friend of a...
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    Full Backs

    Apologies if there's already a thread, I can't see it. There's lots of finger pointing at the moment over our run of bad form: Mancini is making mistakes; summer buys weren't good enough; I've even heard "Yaya is lazy". Does anyone agree with me that having Kolarov, Clichy, Richards and Maicon...
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    Looking down on 'glory hunters' is arrogance

    Lately on the forum I've noticed an increase in comments about new fans being 'glory hunters', along with a derisive attitude towards foreign fans - particularly Bosnians. I understand why there is a sense of pride and community among Mancunian city fans given recent history, especially as I...
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    Is Ferguson thinking one step ahead?

    He says if we win then we've won the title. Is he doing a Mancini? I suspect he expect City to beat United so he's trying to make our guys complacent for the Newcastle game. This is the chess game of all chess games!
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    Made to measure condoms . . .

    Hello boys and girls, it's been a while. So in a random turn of events I bought some bespoke fit condoms :D And it made a big difference, it was like wearing nothing at all. The company that makes them follows up via e-mail for feedback and I told them "you have a customer for life/as long as...
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    Who will fill in for Yaya

    When he's off at the ACN? Personally I think Nasri will shift to the centre. This was where he was strongest for Arsenal last season when Fabregas was injured for long periods. Think he'll do really well there and that's where we'll see the best of him.
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    City phone ringtones?

    Hello, Can anybody recommend a site to download a bluemoon ringtone for a blackberry phone? I'm trying to get one for my dad's blackberry but don't really want to trust whatever site Google throws at me. Cheers!
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    London Matchday pubs?

    I heard the Citypride pub has plenty of blues but do they always have City games on? Don't wanna miss Wigan match when I could be streaming it. Cheers.
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    Citypride Pub London

    Hi, does anybody know if City games are always on at this pub? I've just moved down and it's been recommended to me as a place to meet fellow blues. Wigan being a 3pm kick off I dunno if it's going to be on? I'll post in the matchday forum too.
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    Tips on moving to London for new job

    Got a new job, start Wednesday. Moving down tomorrow into new flat. Any tips on life in the big smoke from fellow blues? And in other news, I had a one night stand last week and have picked up a rash . . . fuck my life.
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    Season predictions

    Do we not usually have one of these threads? Have I missed it? League: 2nd FA Cup: Semi finals League Cup: 4th Round Champion's League: Semi Finals Top Scorer: Tevez (oooh, controversial) Most assists: Silva Most apps: Joe Hart First player sent off: Mario
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