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    West Ham (H) Post Match Thread

    So proud of them today, grit and determination seeing them through when the skill and the passing is understandably down a notch or too. Would have been understandable to settle fat point with a ten-point lead but they just weren’t having it.
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    West Ham (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    Don’t give them too many set piece opportunities, we’re a bit lacking in height without Rodri and Cancelo
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    York away documentary, City + TV

    Good to see that when it comes to it we’re still City, can’t see certain teams in red celebrating such a low point in their history.
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    Borussia Mönchengladbach (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    The furthest we’ve ever got in the Champions League was when we knew our manager was leaving at the end of the season. Don’t think you can take for granted that it’ll have a negative effect
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    Breaking records/stats thread

    He also seems to be much more confident with aerial challenges, teams are still pumping it high in his direction assuming it’s a weakness but he’s winning more than his fair share.
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    Borussia Mönchengladbach (A) | Pre-Match Thread

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    Blues Together!

    The signal inside the stadium was rubbish back in 2012, I remember eventually emerging on THAT day and my phone suddenly erupting with messages and missed calls from friends and family
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    Penalty Taker

    If Ederson hits a thunderbastard against the bar it would probably end up as an own goal (though I think that would actually be a corner according to the Laws).
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    Swansea (A) FA Cup | Pre-Match Thread

    Thought Fernandinho would play, but now have a faint memory that he might be suspended?
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    Liverpool (A) Post Match Thread

    Probably a hairball?
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    Liverpool (A) Post Match Thread

    It’s been a while since I terrified the cat with my yelling what with VAR, weird season, lack of atmosphere, but when Phil’s shot burst through Allison’s gloves he ran for his life.
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    Women's Team - 2020/21

    Two brilliant goals, edgy last ten minutes when they kept giving the ball away after being in complete control.
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    Liverpool (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    And penalty awarded to Liverpool
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    Without any timings that’s just laughable. City scored and had another shot on target, then had no shots on target until they had two more.
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    Sheffield Utd (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    I remember that one, Joe seemed nervous as a kitten and dropped nearly everything that came his way, luckily SU ere happy with a point and didn’t try to capitalise.
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    Offside rule changed after Cancelo's goal against WBA

    It wouldn’t have reached the stage of the ball being put in the net.
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    Offside rule changed after Cancelo's goal against WBA

    I thought she raised her flag when Bernardo seemed to be trapped on the byline with nowhere to go so no immediate chance of a goal being scored. But by the time the ref saw the flag the Baggies defence had relaxed enough for Bernardo to find Cancelo so he was given the chance to get his shot...
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    Offside rule changed after Silva's goal against Villa

    And now refs are left with interpreting "immediately". You could certainly argue that Rodri's intervention wasn't immediate as Mings had time to chest the ball down and rather ineptly bring it under control at his feet. What was needed was some ruling on how soon a player in an offside position...
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    Injury Updates | Aké back in training this week

    Based on the last few weeks we’d actually suffer more if it was Gündogan who was out for a month or so.
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    The point was that Sané was never in an offside position when a City player played the ball. The officials thought it was a City player who headed the ball goalwards when it was actually Milner. His intentions were neither here nor there.
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