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    NHS being recommended 1% pay rise

    You clearly don't.
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    Offside judgement (Laporte v Wolves)

    Fair point. I would have thought so myself, but the issue is, they cannot be 100% sure because of the angle. Thus, the judgement is only indicative and not authoritative. Therefore, it cannot be sure it is a correct judgement.
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    Offside judgement (Laporte v Wolves)

    It may be the quality of the image but it looks like the line is under the foot of the Wolves player, rather than at the end of the boot (goal side) . I guess the Wolves player also has no studs in his boot!
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    Wolves (H) Post Match Thread

    I actually enjoyed that game. We played with such intensity and control. Wolves played as well as could be expected of them and had the bounce of the ball, yet we still deserved to win comfortably. Good to see the clear improvement in KDBs performance compared to the other day, Jesus has...
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    Wolves (H) | Pre-Match Thread

    I would suggest that the threat of Cancelo playing may nullify the threat of Traore.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Hope your dad gets well soon.
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    Stadia and training facilities of top 9

    Been to the new WHL twice. How many times I have to go for my opinion to be valid ;) Spurs cannot comfortably accommodate all teams. That's why the women's team are moving to a site nearby. Not sure that is public knowledge. Thus, I won't say where the site is. Locals will not be happy...
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    Stadia and training facilities of top 9

    West Ham's ground has poor facilities? Perfectly fine, in my opinion. Shite views but no problems with anything else. Not sure why you have to point out it is leased. I queued 20mins at the new WHL and still didn't get served. It was dreadful. I honestly don't get the fuss about the new Spurs...
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    West Ham (H) Post Match Thread

    You can scratch off one of the big chances West Ham had as Lingard was offside. It would have been disallowed had they scored. Ultimately, we won as we took our chances. No other stat counts apart from goals.
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    Neville Kneville

    Very sad to hear. His positive contribution to this forum was evident for several years. My condolences to those on the forum who knew him.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    But they had affordable housing and plentiful social housing, early retirement, free travel, winter fuel payments, free TV licences etc.;) Unlikely these will be around in the next few years. I would also suggest food poverty is very high in this country. Anyway, we digress.
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    Every Premier League Title Winner Ranked

    I think that is a decent list, although I would have had both of our two most recent titles about Liverpool. I would also have had Chelsea in 04/05 above last year's winners. Reasonable list but, to be fair, that United team in 2007/08 was better than 16th. Certainly better than United in 2012/13.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Nice place. My mum and stepdad,, and little sister and her family live nearby in Robin Hoods Bay. Lovely part of the world.
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    Arsenal (A) Post Match thread

    Pep and Arteta are always like that with each other after the final whistle. They chatted before the game. Would not surprise me if they chatted after the game.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    You miss being in the classroom? 10k a day are still catching this virus. If we started lifting restrictions any earlier we will end up in another lockdown.
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    Coronavirus (2021) thread

    Sheringham and Holt too. Nice place to spend a few days
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City (21/02/21)

    When assessing our performance, it is worth noting Arsenal have played well.
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    Premier League Games 19/20/21/22/23

    Kabak is like a fish out of water.
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    Wolves thread 2020/21

    The 0-2 at White Hart Lane? That was a great day out.
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    Wolves thread 2020/21

    Spurs used to be the same with us pre 2012. Every single game we would hear that dirge ("You'll never win fuck all" - yes, I know it makes no sense). This from a set of supporters whose team last won the league 60 years ago.
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