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    Bluemoon's Official Top 100 TV Shows (55-51)

    I developed a bit of a superstition a month or two ago of posting a simple “FFS Mahrez” as soon as the team was announced whether he was playing or not. I learned one Saturday afternoon that I was a cockwomble, wasn’t funny, was boring and a ****.
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    Martin Tyler

    Ridiculously generous.
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    Bluemoon's Official Top 100 TV Shows (55-51)

    I feel so proud of myself. This makes it twice in the past year that I've had a debate on here with someone without resorting to childish name calling. My best mate at high school and into my 20's absolutely loved Seinfeld and tried so hard to get me into it but it never resonated with me.
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    Cadbury Chocolate

    I can see me paying them a visit this weekend. I'll try the marzipan first.
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    Martin Tyler

    It's when he tries his little connections and plays on words. Even the brainless wonder, Carragher seems completely bemused by it. "There are rockets being sent into the sky behind the Kop and Liverpool fans will be hoping that Bobby Firminho can shoot them to the stars." This wasn't something...
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    Cadbury Chocolate

    I love a trip to Lidl to stock up on Ritter Sport (the peppermint is like having a block of After Eight's) and a packet of bratwurst.
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    Bluemoon's Official Top 100 TV Shows (55-51)

    I think you're completely missing my point. Of course a City fan in Africa or America could be far more knowledgeable about football than a City fan born and raised in Ancoats - I agree entirely. However, if they were to use that football knowledge to argue with the Ancoats blue why Dzeko...
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    City’s New Kits - 2020/21 - [Old Thread]

    Absolutely not. I’m kitting my work under 14’s out in it next season.
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    Premier League ( midweek ) Games 2/3/4 March

    Gini Wijnaldum...
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    Bluemoon's Official Top 100 TV Shows (55-51)

    It's more like a City fan in Africa or America questioning why Shaun Goater is so high in the list of favourite City players ever - completely ignorant to the culture and background of the club.
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    Man of the Match Wolverhampton Wanderers PL (H)

    KdB for me.
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    Possible Work Place flirting

    Any chance of a picture of your incredibly hot and fit CEO?
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    I'm not sure why anyone would want to stay there. You can lose hours reading the shocking reviews on the place in Southport on Tripadvisor.
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    Erling Haaland

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    City's net spend last 5 years

    I sincerely apologise and will think on before I run my mouth in future. Buying 3 full backs in one transfer window show that City have no scruples.
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    City’s New Kits - 2021/22

    Is it true that there will be a new sponsor for next season?
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    Pastiche, funny, Cod, humourous music/ bands

    Tenacious D
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    Man of the Match West Ham PL (H)

    Mahrez for me. Didn’t give up trying to create today.
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    Erling Haaland

    There’s always a tin ready to be opened, a packet of barms and a bottle of Heinz tomato sauce. Just say the word and I’ll pack the tent.
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    Bundesliga 2020/21

    One for @Rhineland - why do they give an Arsenal badge out for the top scorer?
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