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    Cadbury Chocolate

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    Admitting I’m an Alcoholic

    Good luck pal. You're on a rocky road, but addimitting there's a problem is the first step to a better future for you and your loved ones.
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    Borussia Monchengladbach (a) Post Match Thread

    "Vorsprung durch Technik
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    God is a Man City fan
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    EDS vs Leicester

    Delap is a absolute beast.
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    Lou Macari

    He's a top man is Lou. "Marvellous" was a heart warming film and testament to what a decent human being he is.
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    that's right Bingo. 6th place
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    Spurs (H) Post Match Thread

    So fucking easy. You could hear the pain in Carrarger's commentary. Next
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Spurs (13/02/21)

    We're making the Spuds look like the pub team we know they are.
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    What are you listening to.................RIGHT NOW!!!

    Which version do you thinks better?
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    Liverpool (A) | Pre-Match Thread

    Heart says go and tear the Dippers a new one. Head says go and tear the Dippers a new one. Come on Blue boys.
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    Footballs' Hardmen

    Johnny Dexter Danefield Utd
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    Premier League Games 6/7/8 Feb

    Haha . I was thinking the same. Nicked Piss cans zip up jumper.
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