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    Leroy Sane - 2017/18 performances

    I'm so excited to see what this fella does this season. I think he's going to break out big time.
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    Son failing at school

    Hey Blues At my wits end with my oldest son. He's 15 and just doesn't give a shit about school. He is a great kid in every other aspect (no drugs no drink no fighting) but he just doesn't try at school. We had him tested by am educational psychologist and he does have a mild learning disability...
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    keep getting redirected to this website when I press forum and a thread title. Not every time but probably 1 in 10 and it's not fat fingers.
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    Leicester city post match thread

    disappointed we didn't beat them. I thought they were a poor long ball team. The a,punt of times they gifted us possession we really should have punished them. I can see why Arsenal out five past them.
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    Champions league Europa 29/30 sept- 1 Oct

    barca losing 1-0 at home against Leverkusen. Good game and Leverkusen are good for the lead. Roma getting bummed 2-0 at Bate. Don't see Dzeko.
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    New premier league ball 2015/16

    Has anyone seen the new Nike ball the premier league are using next season? It's God-awful. They're using now in the gold cup (concacaf) and it looks terrible aesthetically. I was searching and I saw the below...
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    City v Toronto - Pre Match Thread - Thursday Midnight

    MANCHESTER CITY F.C. ROSTER: Kick-off: Midnight Thursday - (Wed night. Thurs morning) Streams probably available as the game is on Canadian TV.
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    Back to 4-4-2?

    As it looks like Bony is coming does this mean back to 4-4-2? I would imagine we will play the exact same formation and line up as last year with Bony replacing Negredo. That would mean no place for Navas as I fully expect Nasri and silva to be the wide mids. Not sure how I feel about that as...
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    Aguero song

    Tune of " here comes the sun" Instead of 'sun,sun,sun, here it comes' Kun, kun, kun, scores for fun
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    FAO Toronto Blues

    Theres a 'soccer' sale on at the OSA soccer arena - 7601 Martin Grove Rd (Brampton) <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> I went to get my boys some cheap footy boots and found most of...
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    37 Games?

    What am I missing? We have played 27 league games. We have 10 left. That makes 37. Should be 38. This is doing my nut.
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    We've come a long way baby

    Watching the golf on espn and they're doing a geography of England to show where blackpool is and this is the graphic they chose for Manchester :)
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    Xmas fixture list for top 4

    I know this will sound petty and I admit it is a little but i just noticed that out of the top 4 the rags xmas fixtures are the most spread out. In the grand scheme of things a day or 2 shouldnt really matter but its just an indication of how its seems that every little thing is in their favour...
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    Did tevez come back?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. I thought he was due back today. Any news?
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    Hi Its my birthday this week and theres nothing really i want but the missus suggests an IPad (i think its her that wants it!). I hate lugging my laptop around and like to surf the web whilst watching telly and my laptop has serious battery issues plus its like having a hot baby elephant on...
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    MCFC Shop/kitbag

    Very impressed with the new process/working of the online shop. I heard a few rumbling of discontent on here when it was announced that the warehouse was moving and kitbag were being used but i am amazed at how quick my order was turned around. I live in Toronto and fit took just 7 days...
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    Mark Hughes tactical genius?

    Arsenal score to make it 1-1. they are clearly in the ascendancy. Hughes takes off the ineffective Ireland ad replaces him with Petrov. An attacking move!! Bellamy moves to the right and SWP takes Irelands spot. Game momentum changes and you all know the rest. I think a lot of credit has to go...
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    Bluemoon infected?

    Hi Is anyone else getting problems with this site? I keep getting redirected to a new site "" without pressing anything or i get an antivirus message that tells me I have a virus and shows a page that looks like a list of my drives saying they are infected but it isnt my computer. I...
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