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    The FA Cup Final thread Starring Villa V Arsenal.

    Just 5 days away. Will Wenger stick with Giroud or reward Theo for his hat-trick? Will Sinclair start? Will he even get on the bench? Will it be Benteke's last game in a Villa strip? Will it be a giant-killing if Villa win? Hope Villa win.
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    Alan Shearer

    A bully, overrated, should have moved to the rags and won the lot or a local boy playing for the team he supported as a boy and of the Premiership greats? Discuss.
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    See No Evil - The Moors Murders....

    Is the bloke that plays Fred West the same bloke that played Ian Brady in the excellent 24 Hour Party People? Would Google it but don't know his name. Thanks.
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    Help educate me food and drink wise on a budget.

    Dear Bluemoon cunts. Can you recommend some middle class bargains? As most Bluemoon cunts know I eat frozen shite like micro kebabs and frozen pizzas. My idea of a buying a posh drink is spending £7 on a bottle of Mad Dog. I'd like to eat positively middle class things like fucking veg but...
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    Manchester City The Maine Road to Glory 2000.

    Found this on Youtube, no idea if it's a Sly hatchet job or the greatest documentary ever. Sorry MODZ if it's been posted before or you feel it belongs in the must see documentaries thread.
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    Brazil V Chile.

    Fernandinho starts. It's certainly not a friendly.
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    I'd like to call out Ducado.

    What was the message you deleted? it has annoyed me for nearly 6 months.
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    The Amazing Song Covers Thread.

    I'll start.
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    Europa League last 16....

    A chance to watch De Bruyne on ITV 4 where he's up against the legend that is Roberto Mancini. Everton play chicken Kiev, fuck knows if it's at Goodison or not but expect racist scandals. Roma V Fiorentina should be a cracker.
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    Jovetic The Right Back?

    I believe he can cement his place as City's new right back. On FIFA 15 he was complaining about not playing enough prior to the Champions League final so with Sagna injured and Zaba fatigued I decided to play Jovetic there. He was superb, even got an assist by crossing the ball to Cavani. I won...
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    Ireland legalises cocaine and ecstasy..

    ... is it a Facebore hoax or is it somehow true? Could go a few lines of MDMA just now, not your cheap tablets.
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    Watering The Iron?

    If I keep watering the iron twice a day will I soon have a little family of irons?
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    According to reports us and that lot from Salford want him, fits in with what Tolmie said.
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    The Championship thread...

    About tine we had one. Derby, Bourenmouth, Watford and Boro are joint top on 66 points, Norwich are only 1 point off top, Brentford are only 5 off top and Ipswich in 7th aren't to be ruled out with 3 very good Championship strikers and only 6 points off top spot. I think if Derby went up with...
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    Burnley V Man City pre match thread

    Hope Bony nets his first. 2-1 City.
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    The greatest song of all time?
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    George Galloway.

    Always thought he was Saddam's mate and hated Rangers but recently I've been watching him on Question time and he can more than argue his point.
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    Man City V Barcelona Pre Match thread.

    No Yaya. Let's win.
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    Blur Reform.

    Album out in April. I still listen to there songs to this day.
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    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Arrogant, lazy, a bully, overrated, never done it against an English club or one of the best players ever to have played the game, the best target man ever, a sheer winner, a leader of men, quite rightly worshipped in Sweden and still world class in his 30's? Discuss.
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