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    JJ, or Claypole?

    Different styles
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    Zapp, or Elfman

    I think both are great.
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    Hector Bellerin

    I think he would be worth a go if the price of £35 million is true.
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    Historic child sex abuse cases being covered up
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    All the next Hitler will have to do is send a nasty text!
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    What a detestable woman!
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    Do we actually have a transfer strategy?

    I'm glad we are dodging the money grabbed, but we always seem to be two injuries away from the wheels coming off. The latest debacle has left us with a piss poor central defense, a stale and lacklustre attack and having to spend big again just to repair what should never been allowed to drift in...
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    Hamza Choudhury, footballer, or thug?

    I seem to remember him hacking down a few of our players last season.
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    Armed police

    I read the MEN story below But I still can't get my head round the lack of action against the MET on this one.
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    Modern slavery ring smashed
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    Male and Female court sentences

    If the culprit was a man
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    Pablo Maffeo

    What are the odds of him returning now Angelino is heading back?
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    The law is an ass!
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    Who would you least like to have on your case?

    Yeah its sad I know, which of these fictional characters would least like to have you on there hate list Fargo's Lorn Malvo or Boardwalk Empire's Richard Harrow
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    Should this guy ever be released?
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    The price of lying Its hard to say anything in defence of a company that makes unsubstantiated claims.
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    Money to burn. I feel the real issue is who signed of on paying some marketing company being paid to carry out a report on effing slogans when they have just tried to stop pay rises for the armed forces.
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    Can our police forces be trusted?

    This is one in a long line of examples of the Police simply doing their own thing
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    Is Dutch football now pap and why?

    I think it is and its due to an arrogant belief that there's is the only way. You could level that there are no up coming English managers, but Eddie Howe and Sean Dyche compound that theory. Since the likes of Hiddink and Van Gaal, you are hard pressed to name any Dutch managers of a younger...
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    The historic abuse of power.

    I know the gooners bought their way into the top tire and the rags had a new stadium built for free. I have seen that in the past Leeds City were forcibly closed down so their players could be taken by other clubs, Same happened to Huddersfield and us. I notice this always seemed to benefit two...
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