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    Kieran Trippier

    I understand that KT was once a part of our youth system, and we sold him to Burnley for an undisclosed fee. Does anyone have any insight into the circumstances when the transfer fee is undisclosed?
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    Parking the bus

    Getting past teams who park el autobus can be tricky, as we’ve often found. But against Spurs we seemed to do our own version of this, when we bought on Otto to protect our lead. To me this was very welcome, showing Pep is not as rigid in his approach as I had thought. This does perhaps change...
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    Best result of the season

    Pep talks of the away game against Chelsea being particularly important and I wouldn’t argue with him, great goal from KDB too. For me another contender would be our last game against Spurs which got us back on track after the 3 previous defeats, and with two key players out. Had we lost that...
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    Words to describe City

    Joe Royle once referred to Cityitis, the ability to shoot ourselves in the foot. Another word often used was unpredictable and that lasted into the Mancini reign, who could not be unpredictable with Balotelli in the side. Now in year 2 of the Pep regime journalists and commentators have maxed...
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    A for Aguero....

    Imagine a website to honour our heroes and including the history/flavour of the club, in A to Z format. ‘A’ would have to start with Aguero, including basic info and clips of 93.20 and ( to come) the 200th goal. What other contenders for ‘A’ ? Who/what are the contenders for ‘B’ ?
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    Dates potentially affecting City

    13th May - Last Premiership game for 2018 26th May- CL final 28th May to 12th June - Pre WC international friendlies 14th June to 15th July - WC 5th August- Community Shield 9th August- Transfer deadline. 10/11th August - first game of new season ( fixtures on 21st June) Huge challenges...
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    World Cup - effect on City

    In the foothills so far, with the pre tournament friendlies, and main points I noticed Good game by Stones, should boost his confidence, and Raz did OK too. Looks like England are trying to mimic the City approach in some ways. Outings for Jesus, Otamendi, the two Silvas and Sane, As far as I...
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    Under 8’s etc

    Nice picture in Bluemoon threads of Messi with U8’s. This is presumably our youngest group? Does anybody know what are the various groups we have right up to the Premiership first team and very roughly how many players ( including the kids) we have on the books. The U8’s are presumably...
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    Fantasy football

    I play fantasy football, but not very well. As a Man City supporter, I sometimes look at the teams of Man City supporters at the top of that table to see where I’m going wrong. One thing that strikes me from that is there may be a lot of people from outside UK playing , which demonstrates the...
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    Goalkeeper back up

    At the bottom of the City website are lists of players and coaches for the (mens’) Premier League team including those currently loaned out I assume, some I don’t recognise. For example the goalkeepers available are Ederson and Bravo, with Gunn and Hart on loan.My question is what would happen...
  11. J

    Left footers

    Great goals yesterday from the Silvas and Sane, all left footers. There’s something a bit special about left-footers, but difficult to put into words. Something to do with curves and straight lines maybe. What other lefties would be good to have? I suppose everybody would want Messi, but...
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