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    Video / Picture editing PC 1k budget

    My old man is in his 70s (you would never in a million years guess though) stuck in his ways wont buy parts to put together himself (via me) but will pay for bespoke shop to build it for him. Recommendations please Keep it under a grand if poss, This will be a max 4k non professional video...
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    Netflix film American Murder: The Family Next Door

    Very few tv fact based documentaries have affected me as much as this one. Difficult to comprehend on every level and disturbing. Featuring online footage posted by the family on social media and Police interviews surrounding the disappearance of a Mother and her two young girls. I found it...
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    Typical City...No, the good way

    I wasn't going to go into this in the forum but, well Our club needs to have the good things it does behind the scenes and purposefully doesn't use it for PR. This is my Story, you fuckers think 2020 has been bad. on the 9th Feb 2019 a month after his 15th birthday My son was admitted to...
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    Virgin trial offer(already a customer)

    Just had a phone call from Ricky's cable media company. Just given me a trial of 350meg BB and adding all sky sports channels for £1.70 per service p.m (£3.40 total) anyone would think i'm coming to the end of a 12 mnth contract (June). They have only just applied it so I expect an amount of...
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    Tommy Ashbury Guitar stolen from Manchester Cathedral

    Wanted in connection with being a scroaty weasel thief. It’s a Hofner Verithin 1963/4 . It has serial number (2009) belonged to his dad before him and must have lots of sentimental value
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    School Issues. Safeguarding report

    My lad has been being bullied at school for 3 yrs, always the same, pacification of us we will monitor it blah blah then a couple of month later either the same boys or their mates , brothers, cousins pick on him again. My lads a bit chubby and gets all the usual fat lad jokes daily and...
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    Dual Nationality

    Brexit looming and I myself voted for it, but just want to cover all my bases. My mother being of Dublin birth and myself born in Ashton Under lyne does this give entitlement to dual nationality? Kids and wife all being born over in her madjs fair isles but never having had passports (i have...
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    David Drinkwater Didsbury next of kin sought

    GMP : "Can you help police find the next of kin of David Drinkwater, 64, from Didsbury? He passed away on 13 December 2017. There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death"
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    Leicester SCREENING ticket @ legends available

    If anyone wants the gratis ticket pm please. Somethings come up last minute and i cant go. This is your ticket and is valid for 2 admissions. Please bring it with you. Where and When • Saturday 18th November • Doors Open - 1.30pm • Kick-off - 3pm • Legends entrance via South Stand...
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    Civilian paedo *Stings

    *Didn't what else to call them Having just watched one involving a Hospital employee employed as a clinical audiologist(at a number of Greater Manchester hospitals according to his link'din) and the Police response to the affair i'm confused on my feelings towards them(the Decoy/hunters) This...
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    Simon Charles Auction city stuff

    Just come out of on the way out noticed signed city items with Lot numbers on em (ya ya signed shirt, Joe's Gloves that sort of thing) forgot to take pics as i was rushing home Might be worth a look if that is the bag you are into
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    Jack Harrison

    Is he any good? I had never heard of him till today. An interesting little watch with all that history why didn't he stay at the rags and dippers :)
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    Does my next door legally own her cat's excrement.

    Like a tree that grows over into your garden I believe you are allowed to trim branches but legally have to return them to the owner of the tree. Now next doors cat keeps encroaching on my flower garden and having a mocking bird of the flightless kind. 2 week ago whilst her next door was...
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    Another ticket scammer

    On a ticket exchange facebook site it has been reported that [/IMG] has been taking money for tickets and not delivering. Beware blues. [/url][/IMG]
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    Advert work for sportswear young person opportunity

    Mate of mine does this sort of thing and shared it with me, sadly i'm far too old. whipper snappers of the wooooorld, unite and take over ***LOOKING FOR LADS AGED 17-21**** THINK SHAMELESS MUST BE NORTH WEST BASED Summary This is a properly cool internet only commercial for a major...
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    The Platypus. It ain't no lion.

    I remember a song about this lil fella from primary school(I expressed an interest so got given a ladybird book about it) and I think it turned up in yr 1 secondary school biology, It got a moody mention about being the only mammal laying eggs(twas true i guess back then) in animal...
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    create me a pep gif

    Unsure if it should be in off topic, so if so please move Herr Commandants :) presser on the OS has some lovely pep tongue work (starts 01:50 and goes on far too long till about 0:210) I'm not set up to grab clip and gif this lovely work starting down the wings driving into mid mouth and then...
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    Good Satirist Bands-(Is that even a genre?)

    Eh grandad, what yer sayin...... i've just found the Arctic Monkeys....yes i fuckin know i must of been under a stone. No, i was off my fuckin face as it happens for a great many yrs encompassing 2 milleniums and 3 decades(47). I was 30 at the new turn of the millennium a well into as much...
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    What are the best non UK ch's for watching Live Prem?

    Just trying to compile a list of available English coms (mainly) for a friend :)
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    selling news clips to media

    My dashcam caught some newsworthy episode today and a local paper is wanting to use the footage (after appraisal) Any idea how much these things go for?
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