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    How popular

    Are the British in Southern Ireland? serious question. I have heard there are quite a lot ofAnglophiles Has that changed with Brexit? @jimharri @leighton
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    Laptop and replacement parts and SSD upgrade

    Have a 6 yrs old Dell Laptop Inspiron 3542 Intel core i5 4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz Battery life has slowly degraded esp past 6 months due to more WFH. I will be buying a second laptop (new) soon, but wondering if it is worth adding a SSD to make it quicker (can buy and been quoted £60 by local...
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    Stephen Hendry return
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    Acting and British films

    Just curious, have been watching some British movies recently on channels like Paramount, London Live and Film 4 (Rise of the Footsoldier; The Business; London Heist; Once Upon a time in London)- I know, they're not very good and tend to feature a lot of the same actors Anyone here ever...
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    Face masks

    Where has everyone bought their reusable face masks from? Thanks
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    Mark Sertori interview THE Premier League super heroes are back in the field battle tonight and dressed for success in a mask, gloves and a cape will be Manchester City masseur Mark Sertori. The former Wrexham...
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    Anyone able to suggest a good employer in normal times, who take people on who don't have much qualifications and have a bit of a criminal record Mate cannot get back into manual labour due to chronic severe shoulder problem. Lives in London He wouldn't mind working in a supermarket. He's not...
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    Men hired for sexual fantasy break into wrong house In a sex fantasy gone wrong, two men with machetes entered the wrong house in New South Wales, Australia, before quickly realising their error. One of them has now been acquitted of entering a home armed with a weapon in July 2019, Australian...
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    Peter Ebdon Retires Former world champion Peter Ebdon has announced his retirement from snooker because of a chronic neck injury. I inever thought snooker players got serious injuries
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    US Soccer: Male footballers should earn more than women

    ... according to US football authorities
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    Anyone hiring in London?

    Asking for a couple of friend/relatives One has qualifications as Accounting technician, but been several years out of work. Has profound deafness which makes communication and office environment very difficult, but would like to work at least part time/part from home The other has lots of...
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    Home exercise - cross trainer or rowing machine

    Have a gym membership and sometimes run in park (except in Winter) but also looking to get a machine for cardio at home when I don't have time to go out Anyone have experience of cross trainer or rowing machine at home? I know a decent one will cost around £700-1000 e.g. a Life Fitness...
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    Flight delay advice

    Supposed to fly out 1400 from Gatwick. Delayed due to delay with incoming flight Now got a text: Flight Number – TOM4760 Flight Date – 09/02/2020 Departure Airport – London Gatwick (LGW) Arrival Airport – Malaga (AGP) We would like to start by apologising for the disruption to your flight...
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    World Record Egyptian Football Association (EFA) has announced the registration of what it believes is the oldest professional player in the world. Third-tier club 6th October have signed 74-year-old Eez Eldin Bahder. No details were given of what kind of...
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    Alan Pardew: ADO Den Haag appoint ex-West Ham & Newcastle manager as head coach Former Newcastle and West Ham boss Alan Pardew has been appointed head coach of Dutch top-flight strugglers ADO Den Haag until the end of the season.
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    Gary Monk - BBC article

    Dodgy agent it seems was why Brum got rid “Following his sacking in June, Birmingham chief executive Xuandong Ren claimed there was a dispute relating to the use of Monk's agent in "all" of the Championship club's transfer deals.”
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    Robbie Savage signs for Stockport Town in 10th tier "It's not a PR stunt, it's me trying to help youngsters progress in the game," Savage said, after signing for the North West Counties Football League (NWCFL) First Division South side.
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    City joint 1st in Premier League Sustainability Table City doing well
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    Legal advice for a mate

    My mate was charged with assault a couple of months ago. He says it was self defence - he was at his girlfriend's house, then a male relative came in and was surprised to see him there. There was an altercation, and the friend was charged with assault. Tracker put on, and he has not been allowed...
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    Fugitive jailed for life after 'grotesque' murder at London bar

    "A killer once dubbed one of Britain's most wanted fugitives has been jailed for at least 26 years. Shane O'Brien, 31, evaded police for three-and-a-half years after he slashed Josh Hanson's neck in Hillingdon, west London, on 11 October 2015. He fled the UK, changed his appearance and moved...
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