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    Sterling fights back

    Nice of the lad to take a stand.
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    Pellegrini to Arsenal..

    Rumours on Arsenal forums that talks are taking place, wouldn't mind if he went there. Respect the man but reckon he'd take them even lower.
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    Who's has the brighter future at City, Kelechi or Sterling?

    This comparison will become inevitable eventually. Who do you prefer? Just realised I butchered the title lol
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    Flat track bullies.

    Haven't beaten a single big team this season bar maybe Sevilla but they were in piss poor form when we met them. We stake a claim to be the biggest flat track bullies in Europe.
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    Who is the alternative to Paul Pogba?

    Just been wondering as it's clear that we're after two CMs, we've not really been linked with anyone else either.
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    Javier Pastore

    Thoughts on him? Personally would love him at City.
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