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    Wolves home tickets wanted

    Please get in touch if you are getting rid of two - thanks
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    Great article re the magician - 'the greatest friend the ball ever had'

    A timely reminder of just how outstanding he is
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    lowest points total at this stage since 2007/8...

    and that's with us having won our first FIVE games! No back-to-back PL wins since October! Not good and ruined my weekend again...
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    If you have bought a new Sergio 16 shirt please get in touch

    I'll buy it off you at face value PS Sorry if this is in the wrong thread!
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    number of points from the first 5 games

    IF you were offered x points now then City could avoid playing the first five games, how many points would be enough? I'd take 12
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    where yaya plays...

    I am perplexed! Why did Bobby Mancc and why does MP play Yaya in a defensive mid position till quite late on? He is so feared by defenders when he runs at them but he rarely gets to do that. I'm convinced that he'd be much better further forward so why not start him there?
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    Lescott (from The Sun)

    Surely we won't let this happen? (The club I mean, not Bluemoon!) Lescott is up for grabs at £8m - Exclusive By ROB BEASLEY Last Updated: 29th December 2012 MANCHESTER CITY are set to offload £8m-rated defender Joleon Lescott in January. The England star, who cost City £24million in 2010, is...
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    Real Madrid tckt (+ train tckt from London if you want it)

    Block 327, Row C, Seat 779 - great seat = £45 train ticket cost £44 but i'd take less - it's from London on Weds at 1pm, leaving Stockport at 1043am on Thurs Selling the RM ticet is not tied to taking the train ticket!# PM me if you're interested
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    ticket for sale for Real Madrid / trn tckt from London too

    Hiya - I have a ticket for block 327 row C available for the Real game - sadly I can not make it as my Dad's ill - it's £45 - PM me if you want it I also have a train ticket from London on Weds at 1pm returning from Stockport at 1043 on Thurs so if you want that, let me know - it cost £43 but...
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    best block to be in for singing City fans?

    ... for the Dortmund (h) game, which block would you recommend? Thanks
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    wot no full backs?

    can not believe we have not signed one if not two...
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    number of points from the first 3 games...

    what would you accept if offered now and what's the minimum acceptable? I'd accept seven if offered now and think that six is the minimum acceptable what do you think?
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    Vince at Centre Half?

    I know that this may be a solution to our current weaknesses at CH, but isn't DM his better position?
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    Garrido PENALTY

    Did you notice how the penalty that wasn't given - Zab foul - was because Garrido badly miscontrolled the ball inside our area / was trying to dribble it out - mad sloppiness that has to be eliminated if we want to be a top team
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    game off on Sat?

    Can't helkp feeling it would be better for us if it was - more time to get new players in - what do you think?
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    Betfair still has us to finish...

    7th, 8th or 9th would settle for that right now
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    10 reasons to be cheerful

    1. SWP 2. Zab 3. Kompany 4. Ireland 5. Robinho (till summer at least) 6. Boj (soon) 7. Petrov (to be phased in) 8. in Uefa Cup so some new players who wouldn't have otherwise joined us might 9. Most of the fans 10. Am struggling
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    Diarra's a done deal for Real

    according to Fans FC but I believe it Real Madrid SEAL £18.5million deal 18:47 December, 21, 2008 Real Madrid have confirmed they have sealed a deal for Lassana Diarra. The France international was also wanted by Manchester City, but the Spanish champions have beaten off the Premier League...
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    Hughes WILL get time at Manchester City

    from BBC site - apologies if elsewhere - doesn't seem like much point in speculating re him leaving tomorrow / soon Under-pressure Manchester City boss Mark Hughes has been told he will stay in charge to strengthen his squad in January despite his side's poor form. Sunday's defeat at West...
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    assuming we win today..!

    let's focus on moving up the table - suddenly beating Hull won't seem so unlikely! And at least the 'Hughes Out' camp can be quiet for a little while
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