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    FA Cup Ties 9/10/11 Feb

    Burnley v Bournemouth first up. Burnley make a whole host of changes, could backfire on them.
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    Nations League

    Starting tonight. Players away on international duty after a rushed end to last season and the new one about to kick off. Frankly I consider it to be unnecessary and a complete waste of time, just another money spinner for UEFA.
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    Arenal (H-PL), Wednesday (A-FAC)

    Hi chaps do any of you know when these two matches are likely to be played. I was originally missing the Arsenal (H) match due to a holiday but may now be able to get to it?
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    City v Norwich 17th May (Sunday)

    Been on the Club web site and it clearly states that tickets are available for this match and you can click on the Buy Tickets button. However when you get up the stadium plan there are no tickets available anywhere in the stadium. Which buffoon at the Club is responsible for maintaining this...
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    Wolves - post match

    Oh dear!
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    Arsenal post match thread

    Did a professional job, but bloody hell Mendy gives me the shits.
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    Euro Qualifiers Nov’19

    Turkish fans booing and whistling all the way through the Icelandic anthem, commentator says “that was quite a welcome”. I presume UEFA will act?
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    Peter Oliyenka

    Had a tremendous game For Slavia Prague against Barcelona last night. If Sane does want to go this guy could be the ideal replacement 24 years old this month.
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    BBC Darts Coverage

    Are any of you watching the darts from Leicester on the box? The BBC camera work is absolutely shocking, missing the darts going in and showing the wrong part of the board or just random views.
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    Yousef Makki Killer Named

    The boy who stabbed his friend to death has now been named. To get away with such a lenient sentence for his crime is why I have no faith at all in the British justice system.
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    Open Golf 2019 - Portrush

    See that lifelong Scum fan Rory Mcilroy has got off to a flier, a quadruple bogie at the first hole. Oh! dear, never mind.
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    Euro Qualifiers - Bulgaria v England halted twice due to racist fans

    Looking forward to the Belgium v Scotland game tonight. Hoping to see Kevin back to something like his brilliant best.
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    Champions League 2019/20

    With only the Armenian league fixtures to be completed the teams for next seasons CL are now becoming clearer. I am hoping that Spurs win this seasons competition as frankly I can not stand the scousers and their fan base. So allowing for the higher rated teams in the qualifiers to come...
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    Should We Prioritise?

    Eight games left in the league which I would love to win to shut up the "Bus Wreckers". However if we concentrated on the FA Cup and Chumps we would only need to be successful in five games to get to two finals. The FA Cup would need one victory the Chumps would only possibly require two...
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    Pre-game warm up v Palace

    When I got into the stadium prior to yesterday's game Palace were all out warming up but there was not a City player in sight. I don't recall that happening before any other game, what was going on? Did that have anything to do with the distinctly low key performance?
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    Match Thread | Manchester City vs Liverpool (26/07/18 @ 1am)

    Weather in New York not great at present, the Yankee's v Met's baseball match was called off yesterday due to torrential rain. Hope we don't get a situation like in China when the game against the Scum was cancelled.
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    Official Club Web Site - 7 Blues

    I kid you not:- Vincent Kompany, Kevin De Bruyne, Fabian Delph, Kyle Walker, John Stones, Raheem Sterling and Benjamin Mendy will all keep the sly blue flag flying in the World Cup semi-finals.. Who is responsible for this?
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    Women's team - 2018/2019 Season

    Mitag and Ross out, Hemp in. Ross promised much but her finishing was shocking. Hemp young player of the year, the women seem to be following the men in reducing the average age of the squad.
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    IAAF Testosterone Ruling

    "Athletics chiefs have been compared to apartheid-era South African rulers after announcing new rules governing testosterone levels in female athletes. The changes mean some female runners with naturally high testosterone levels will have to race against men or take medication if they wish to...
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    Goal of the Season

    Just seen it - Rubén Neves of Wolves. An absolute peach.
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