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    Maastricht - Holland. Any recommends?

    Im off there with the missus next week, after hearing how nice it is. Does anyone have any personal recommendations as to places to see, eat, drink, smoke and be merry?
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    scarf stolen #sentimental

    Mate of mine, and huge home and away blue had his van broken into and a scarf he inherited from his now departed Dad was stolen. Andy has had it for 4 years, his dad before him had it for 55 years. twitter has got photos of the distinctive scarf covered in badges and emblems. Andy says "I dont...
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    whats the penalty for not fielding a team?

    I think you know where Im going with this. Would some teams literally be better off by not turning up?
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    Long haired players

    Slightly irrelevant I know, but looking at the hairdo martin demichelis has gone for, made me think who else have we had in need of a proper haircut. I remember Ian Bishops lovely locks and that howard kendal shared my view about them. Who else?
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    2 Chameleons tickets for tonight to sell

    Ive got 2 for tonight at the Ritz. Face value is £14 Ive got to go out now, but will check back later Anyone interested PM me with a mobile number
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    Croatia holiday?

    Ive always liked the look of it, but was generally put off by the whole war thing. But have recently heard 2 separate people say how great it is . Anyone been and so offer advice? I want a lazy hot relax when Im away. Villa rather than hotel with access to a pool.
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    I need a Suit

    Ive got a few work suits in the £150 - £200 bracket, but Im looking for something a bit better. Suitable for all occasions - weddings , funerals, VIP meetings etc I will pay maybe £300 - £350 Any recommends on where I should try, to save me wandering all over
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    6 corporate tickets

    were being offered around our place yesterday by our Purchasing Manager from one of our suppliers. We do a good bit of business with them, but it cant be anywhere near their largest account. I assume as the offer came so late, that they were struggling to shift them elsewhere. I said no thanks...
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    radio 6, top drawer

    just got a car with DAB radio, jumped onto Radio 6 and how good is this? Black, wonderful life:the vapours: the psychedelic furs :sultans of ping fc: all within one day, maybe 90 mins listening. How good is this? Takes me back you children of 1968
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    Pubs on route to Wembley?

    Our branch intend to stop at the same pub in High Wycombe that has been used for their last 3 visits to Wembley (it will be my third) Im not one to moan ;-) but I fancy trying somewhere new. Any recommends as to a pub with a decent beer garden, that would welcome a coach or 2, put some food on...
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    Quartz kitchen worktops

    I got my kitchen sorted, as I lad i know is head of purchasing at a big national home improvement company. But thanks to those that did reply back in December. However Im now in the market for quartz worktops, as he doesnt have any clout with suppliers. Any recommends would be appreciated. I...
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    free twit tube by Yontoo

    Bar across the top of the screen saying that Google Chrome Extension Update...requires a critical update. Is this kosher, or some form of alien virus attack? do I click update. Ive been ignoring it for a few days now.
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    Madness at Haydock racecourse

    Mrs K and I fancy a bit of this - Saturday 6th July. Ive never been before - so would appreciate advice re what tickets to buy. The choices are: Premier Enclosure £60 ; County Stand £45 ; Tattersalls £30 Anyone seen a band there before? Is it worth paying the extra?
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    starts today No alcohol in Jan (unless we get a decent FA cup 4th round away) No smoking of stuff in the week No carbs in the week (starting tomorrow) I need to loose weight and become fitter leaner and sharper. Also to prove to myself that I have the will power. Ive done the no booze in Jan a...
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    Any good TV to come?

    Anyone got recommends for the next few days? Films, music, comedy, documentaries? Shout em out please
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    New Kitchen in the new year. Any advice

    I dont need any appliances, but am going to look at a new boiler under the Green Deal. I defo want real wooden doors. A new sink and tap. Electrics are ok. Will probably need a bit of plastering I see Wickes are adverting a lot - but Ive no idea on quality? Also I work opposite a Howdens and...
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    2 tickets for chameleons wanted

    Dec 15th at Sound Control PM me if anyone has by chance got 2 to sell My missus fancies it for her birthday and theyve all gone
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    1. Sergio 2. Dickov 3. ?

    Ideas for a lazy start to Sunday. Without debate about the order of those two, what would be the 3rd in the list of the three most significant city goals in your lifetime. I was born April 68
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    Fergie statue unveiled

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 39&index=0</a>
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    The Beat. Ruby Lounge. Dec 20th

    Very under rated I think. Gonna have that. Some mellow ska beats before we break for Christmas.
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