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    Match Thread | Man City vs Man Utd (07/03/21)

    100%. I love KDB to bits, but if he's not fit and not peforming then he shouldn't be anywhere near a game like this. Pep knows best though so what can you say.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Man Utd (07/03/21)

    100% it's his stupidity that cost us in the first place, nowhere near good enough to be a first choice Striker.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Man Utd (07/03/21)

    Yep, but team selection is and so is not changing things when they aint working.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Man Utd (07/03/21)

    Pep just doesn't seem to understand how important Winning a Derby is to us.
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    Saints (A) Post Match Thread

    3 points away to against a in form team, not the best all round performance but job done. I'll take that.
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    If you could study any subject, what would it be?

    Television production.
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    Agreed. If we lose and every player to a man has put a shift in and the manager has made an effort to change things that aren't working then a I can live with that. If we lose and its down to blatant individual or a team lacksure couldn't give a shit performance, and the manager has not made any...
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    City removing seats

    Well I was more than happy there, really close to the aways, surrounded by a great set of people, good enough view. So what not under cover but that's never bothered me not one bit.
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    City removing seats

    I'm on (or was) in block 114 on row 2 so have to relocate, my mates that sit in the seats directly behind me are apparently not affected. My only hope is that somebody in that row doesn't renew and I get first dibs on a seat in that row for my relocation. I was moved to that area out of 212 when...
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    Lyon CL QF Post-Match Thread

    Will we ever be.?
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Lyon (15/08/20)

    He'll say we played well, but not well enough, he's proud of the team, blah blah fucking blah.
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    17 year old lad stabbed to death in Moss Side tonight

    I've corrected the typo now cheers.
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    17 year old lad stabbed to death in Moss Side tonight

    Not far from my house, the Police Helicopter was hovering for ages round hear. Such a sad waste of a young life.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Bournemouth (15/07/20)

    At least Stones will be fucked off, thankfully.
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    Liverpool (H) Post-Match Thread

    Klippity has spat his dummy out, suddenly can't understand English the prick.
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Liverpool (02/07/20)

    Tyler is a 100% 18 carat gold tosser of the highest order.
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    I sense trouble on Thursday

    No doubt going to kick off with some passing stranger too
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    2 free NOW TV passes for season ticket holders

    I download the Nowtv app on my phone and watch it that way.
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    Music Association Game

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