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    Whatever happened to...

    The 20 novel thread?
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    Oil tanker incident off south coast

    Just being reported an attempted hijacking of an oil tanker off the Southampton coast has been foiled by the SBS.
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    How Good Were Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich?

    Xanadu was a classic.
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    Sky Arts

    Available on Freeview Ch 11 from later on Sept 17 permanently.
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    Will Week

    You can get a Simple will written with no solicitor fees through East Cheshire Hospice links here for a nominal donation to the hospice.
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    Your favourite tracks by these Manchester Singers/Bands

    Roy Harper Another Day The Hollies The Air That I Breathe M People Angel Street Elbow Friend of Ours I Am Kloot Avenue of Hope
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    Inside No. 9

    Tonight’s episode. Absolutely superb!
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    Macc appoint Mark Kennedy

    Macclesfield have appointed Mark Kennedy as their new coach.
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    RIP Eddie Money

    another one gone
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    RIP Daniel Johnstone

    I loved his music.
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    Songs That Would Never Be Played on the Radio

    one of my favourite songs would never get air time for obvious reasons when you listen to it Any others out there?
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    Epstein found dead in his cell/Prince Andrew interview

    job done properly this time. Trump’s cleaners doing a good job.
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    Hashem Abidi extradited and charged with murder.

    Abedi’s brother extradited and on his way to UK.
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    Villa investigation

    villa are being investigated by the Premier league over possible financial irregularities in the sale of their ground to meet FFP rules. If found to have contravened the regs they could start life next season with a points deduction.
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    Premier League matches on Amazon Prime

    List of games available free to members of Amazon Prime on Amazon website. Burnley away and Wolves away.
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    Dirty City

    in yesterday’s press conference the paperboy trotted out the mantra created by Rat boy, Scholes eat et al about City tactically fouling all the time and hoped the ref would stop it. Pep was not pleased. Amazingly today’s Times has done a double page spread completely destroying the myth that...
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    Metro ticket inspectors

    What’s The point? Twice in a week I have seen them challenge a passenger with no ticket. First time a bloke got off laughing at them and left the station unchallenged. Today a woman just started screeching at the ticket inspector when he told her to get off, claiming she was only going two...
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    A34 flooded

    the airport relief road at Poynton is flooded and impassable on both lanes at 18.00 Saturday.
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    RIP Jeremy Hardy

    the comedian passed away last night I always enjoyed his wit and he was a good raconteur.
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    Google kill the Chromecast audio

    No more being made. Selling them off half price in the States.
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